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Is it NOT what you Eat, but When you Eat!! Cure your skin.

"Why do I break out so much after a short nights sleep?" ..is a question I alway asked myself. Now I know,after much studying.. every part in the body needs time to rejuvenate itself. THIS INCLUDES THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM(liver, gall bladder, intestines, etc..)

THE KEY IS NOT EATING ANYTHING AT ALL WITH IN AN HOUR OR POSSIBLY MORE OF SLEEP...this way your organs can shut down when you do.. and get a good nights rest. Ready to work hard again the next day.

The body needs to detoxify during the night. I KNOW..Eating before bed seems important to some to be able to get through the night without a low blood sugar dip waking them up, ruining an otherwise good nights sleep. BUT..Eating before bed robs the system of its rest, making it work while you sleep when it should be resting along with the rest of the body. This detoxification is said to continue well into the morning, making breakfast counterproductive. A tall order from someone who has to eat to keep their blood sugar up, but by resting the digestive system and eating properly, better use of the food you do eat will result in a healthier body. Your mileage may vary. If your wondering, ..it is not a good idea to skip breakfast to allow your diegestive system more rest.. you need the nutrients in the morning!

In case you're wondering eating before sleep, not only causes acne but also weight gain, SO DON'T DO IT!

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