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Hi everyone, I'm new here to the boards! So here's a little background...

I've had mild acne since age 14. Around age 18 it started getting worse so I went on the pill and started proactiv, which helped for a while but eventually it stopped working. I'm now 23 and just recently went through one of my worst breakouts ever. I went to see a dermatologist on March 6th and he put me on Doxy, Retin-A and Duac...and this made me skin worse AGAIN, so I went back on May 3rd and I decided I wanted to get on Accutane and get rid of this acne. The doctor agreed, but gave me Dynacin to hold me over until I could start Accutane (stupid IPledge).

So I've continued using Retin A and Duac along with this new oral medication, Dynacin. My face has cleared significantly...but I am wondering how my skin will react once I get off of these medications and on to Accutane. Was anyone on Retin A before accutane? I have heard some rumors that your IB on Accutane isn't as bad if you were on retin a before. Any ideas?

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i was using retin-a for a little over two months before i started accutane a week ago. the ib i experienced from the retin-a was UNBELIEVABLE. my skin totally erupted. i wouldn't leave my house for over a week. but after about a month on the retin-a, my skin started to get better. not 100% by any means, but better. i also think the birth control was helping. i am now on day 7 of accutane and experiencing what i suppose is the initial breakout, but it is NOTHING in comparison to my ib on retin-a. i am assuming (and hoping) that the retin-a helped lessen the dreaded ib that a lot of people get on accutane.

anyways..... that's my two cents ;)

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