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Is artecoll worth it? If it works the results are long term. I also heard that if you get too much it could leave your skin lumpy and the implant stays for the rest of your life. Now my question is this: when the effects of artecoll start to fade away, and I want to get it done again, will it be lumpy because the last implant is still with me? Can I get other procedures done after I have artecoll done? (fraxel, needling) I dont want to get artecoll done now and then in a few years when the effects of artecoll are fading, realize that I dont want to get it done again and be screwed because I cant get other procedures done.

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I had artecoll done about 5 years ago and if you decide to get it follow this advice:

1- go to the best possible surgeon to do it -- one that trains other doctors how to do it sort of thing. Pay the money to fly there, because it is permanent and you will be a mess if it goes wrong.

2- make sure you and the doctor AGREE with no doubt where to inject. The doctor who did mine injected in areas I didn't need it and I ended up with a "dimple" when I smiled. If it was in a place a dimple would normally be it might not have been so bad but I was devastated about it. This doctor also seemed to inject "around" the scars instead of "into the middle" of them so it just made some of them look worse. Three small ones I had in a row became one big line because of what they did.

3- And, as a final precaution, I don't care how scared you are of needles, watch them inject it to make certain they are going in all the right spots. Sometimes these doctors think they see things that need filling as they go and you don't want to just sit back and let them do whatever. You know where your indentations are from looking at them every day, he doesn't. You don't want him filling in a spot that looks indented just because another spot nearby is swollen from just filling it. I think that's what happened to me. Some doctors will get insulted that you want to "watch" and "agree" at the time of the surgery but a good, understanding doctor should not have a problem with this. Also make sure they understand that it is not like other fillers - you want to undercorrect and allow for touch ups later, not over correct like collagen or restylane. If you get a top doctor you should not have to stress this too much, you could just ask it like a question to make sure you are both in agreement.

If done "properly" I don't see why you couldn't get perfect results. The only thing I can't be sure about of course is the case where the doctor did inject it properly but it "moved" to the outsides of the scars on its own. I have heard something about that. But because this doctor was such an idiot to inject it in areas I didn't even need it, I am more likely to think it was his mistake not the products. Best of luck to you.

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