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Green cream and Clear skin regimen???

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Would it be ok to use green cream on my problem areas (Cheeks- red marks and pitted scarring) while I do the clear skin regimen (about one fingerful of BP 2 times a day). I dont want to dry the hell out of my skin. Would it be ok if I used green cream 15 minutes before I put on the BP at night? Usually at night I spot treat with BP.

Thanks... please let me know if its too much if I were to want to use green cream as well.

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You have been on the Regimen long enough by now if you want to add something, see how it goes.

Use the Green Cream at night, and bp in the daytime.

You want to avoid using them at the same time, as the bp will cause the green cream to be ineffective.

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Just as an FYI ... Green Cream is unlikely to have much effect on pitted scarring. It will help with red marks over time, but it is not as powerful or effective as a prescription retinoid such as Retin A.

Since Green Cream is quite expensive ($40 - $50 per ounce) you should make sure you are getting something you really want. GC is great for clearing up comedonal acne and for smoothing out wrinkled, sundamaged skin. It helps to fade brown and red marks over time -- though, as I said, it is not as strong as the prescription retinoids. But for scarring ... well, if you were going to have TCA CROSS or something like that, you might use GC as an after-product to help build collagen. By itself, I don't think it's going to make much of an impact.

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Thanks for the comments. I do have a few areas that look a little rough that I want smoothed out a lil (near my mouth)... and I also have red/brown marks I want to fade (cheeks). oh... and one wrinkle on my forehead from when I squint. ugh. I guess the green cream will help with that.

I figure maybe I should just use BP lightly in the mornings (like I do)... then spot treat if i feel anything coming up and today i felt a little one on my chin (but i cannot see it). At night, I almost ALWAYS put on aloe vera gel and emu oil on my cheeks right before bed. When I get up my face seems so much more level. :)

Tonight I am doing a TCA cross (50%) on some of the tiny icepick scars on my cheek (they get really noticable after I get home from work eeeew) and then on 2 larger scars (one of the scars has improved at least 30% from the last time I did a cross on it).

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