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Here is Timo from Germany


i am a new user here. I am 23 years old and i have chronically acne some years.

last year i started with BPO 5% and my skin would better and better.

in the february this year i go the docter.he gave me ISOTREX GEL and a form of antibotica, (chloramphenicol)

i need it external.

since 2 weeks i take 25 zinc pills.

now i get more pimple and ignitions

Please, some users can help me here? What is with ROACUTANE and ISOTREX pills? do you know some online pharma shops which i get it?

2 pics of today:

IPB Image

IPB Image

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Hey! and welcome. :D

I unfortunately don't know anything about the meds you mentioned (Roaccutane and Isoprex gel) nor do I know where you can buy them online.

I think Roaccutane is the generic form of accutane...but don't quote me on that. I may be wrong. There is a Clear Skin Regimen we have on board for those who want to try non-prescription topicals before they consider prescription drugs. Your pictures look hopeful for treatment.

Please remember that drugs like accutane should always be administered by a doctor. It's powerful stuff. Sorry I couldn't give you any information on what you asked for...just wanted to say WELCOME! :D

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seas, wo genau in deutschland bist du? ich wohne grad im oesterreich, und du kannst isotrex gel und auch roaccutan in der apotheke kaufen. aber du brauchst ein rezept von einen hautarzt.

gute wunsche!

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Hey timo,

I believe the world is a village. I've read some of your posts on aknetherapie.de..lol..hey I guess you tried BPO for some time or? Regarding ordering accutane online, I think its not possible to get it without a prescription from your derm! Sorry dude! But I think if your derm won't prescribe you accutane you should visit another derm cos I think after trying all the other stuff its the best solution for you to get ride of your acne!

And how much zinc do you take? I took 40mg for 2 month or something and I've to say it made my skin worse! So I couldn't recognize any positive effects! I can't advise it!

Take care! ;)


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