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Here's some Hope for us!

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Ok guys I have something youll all be interested to see! This is a pic of me about 3 years ago. It was 1 year after I completed my 1st accutane course. And during that course I had horrible horrible acne throughout pretty much the entire thing (cysts, pustules, etc.) At the end left with dark redmarks.. i thought id never look normal again.. well look at the pic, just 1 year later with absolutely zero foundation, powder, nothing is on my skin!!! WE HAVE HOPE! :D

IPB Image

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So u've been clear for 3 years now ??

You look great !!!

Noooo unfortunately Im back on accutane. I started breaking out a couple of months ago and didnt hesistate to go straight back to it since the results are amazing. I was clear for a good 4 years though and i plan to stay that way after this 2nd course ;)

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Wow Jen

That is an inspiration. You look so pretty.

My face right now is full of scars and marks and some holes due to the breakout which is caused by Accutane.

Do you have those scars and red marks also last time during the course.

Oh gosh.. how I wished I could be clear soo badly.

Do you use anything on your face?

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Hi Corrine! During my first course my skin went from moderate to nearly servere. I had gotten a whitehead, big red painful pustules, and a couple of huge cysts on about every inch of my face. I was miserable and thought i would be scarred forever. I had many many red marks, i remember going to my first college classes embarassed. I wish i had taken a before pic, but i was too ashamed of my skin. I came across some old pics and thought i would share with all of you. My skin is nearly perfect after only 1 year of being off accutane.

Basically for everyone who is depressed about the red marks and scars left behind, they do go away with time. I am also upset about my current scarring but this pic just made me feel so much better, i hope it does for you too! :)

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