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Hi All

Just found this webite and I must say it is reassuring to hear that I am not alone!

I always had rubbish skin but last year (at 25) it turned into severe acne, eventually my doctor put me on Accutane and I am pleased to say that it seems to have gone away!!

I know have some pitted scars however I also have some keloid scarring on my jawline. My doctor had recommended that as I am prone to keloid scarring that I avoid facial peels, microdermabrasion etc however I was wondering if anyone know if it would be safe for me to try Isolagen treatment?

Hope someone can help :angel:


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hmm nicci..i went to an isolagen seminar around christmas last yr and there was a women there asking the same thing as she was prone to keloid scarring. But her question was more if the isolagen can cause keloid scarring, not reg removing it.

I wasnt paying much attention to the answer im afraid because it isnt something im prone to, but if i recal correctly he said something along the lines of that being a v minimal risk but that he would carry out a test. Im not sure what kind of test :/

After the seminar though, one of the ladies who had had isolagen tests done on her said that she had it injected in the stretch marks on her breast area and that it worked amazing. Stretch marks are usually keloid, so it could certainly be that it would work for you.

Thats all the info i know..sowe.

I think would be worth getting hold of someone at isolagen to answer that or to email or go see a derm.

If ur in the uk the best doctor i know of to contact is dr.chu at hammersmith hospital im sure he will know.

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