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What causes ice picks?

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How exactly do ice picks develope on your face?

and I never really used to take good care of my skin when my acne was bad, now my face is pretty much clear except for ice pick scarring. If I took better care of my skin could I have lessened the amount of scars now?

Furthermore, If take better care of my skin now, can I lessen the chance of getting more? Or is it inevitable?

I'm wondering cause my mom has a few ice picks on her nose/cheek area and her acne was never as bad as mine was. Maybe ice picks are hereditary?

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yeah i think its your skin type and also your treatment.

acne runs in my family grrrr...

my mother has scars, but nothing really major,

my brother and i both suffered from acne, he barely has a scar,

my acne was the worse, i had all types i guess, and yep I picked loads of them, and yep loads of


now my daughter has acne, which i had been preparing for, she just turned 13, and started getting acne

at 12, i didn't bother with any topical stuff, I took her straight to the drs and put her on antibiotics which didn't do much, so on to contraceptive

pills which has cleared them really well within 3 mnths,

and I know for a fact she never picked any of them

as she knows of the laser treatment i went through because of scarring, so I was really shocked to see

some scarring now her skin has really cleared, but they are minimal/no big deal at all and know will go away as she grows.

so i think the longer you have acne, the greater the chances of scarring, wether you pick them or not, due

to the stress caused to the skin from acne.

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while they are young get them using sea buckthorn oil soap, and then zinc oxide cream right after, do it twice a day...it will kill the parasites that carry p.acne bacteria (these mites also die and breed in the pores, causeing clogs for people with oily skin)...keep pets away from her face, as they have the demodex mite as well (d.canis)

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