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my dumbass went tanning today while i just started using retin-a .1% this week.. im sun burned and i came home drunk and looked at my face and got mad. So i did 70% glycolic acid peel on my fae for 1 minute.

I usually do 70% for 1-2 minutes but with retin-a and sunburn is not a good idea.. it ate the skin off around my lips.. nasty. Its not too bad and wont scar.. just kinda wet lookin skin... maybe its puss but its not too bad.. im just not gonna do it again lol..

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ouchy indeed!

I once got a hive type rash from the sun becaue my skin was sensitive from treatments. I used hydrocortisone cream 1%. It takes out the itch and calms down and heals the skin. Not sure if u are using anything or if hc can be used on broken skin.

ow, whatever u do, gl :)

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i just put alot of aloe on it.... burned like hell and then i put some antibacterial cream like neosporin on it... it should be fine.. i think i just peeled off 1-2 layers.

reint-a is stronger than i thought lol.. i told my doctor i got tough skin so he gave me .1% to start.

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