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Guest tired of this shish

Okay Dr. Acne.orger's--diagnose me

Guest tired of this shish

After Accutane at 17 everything went fine acne-wise (dried my face up like a prune) no more acne instantly. Problem: At 22 now, I'm experiencing a recurring of acne and extreeeeme oil production again. Never until now have I've been aware of diet, I thought as long as I'm eating my mom's food I should live.

Well, I'm a college student away from home and I'm having problems eating. It's gotten to the point when my hair was falling and I was feeling weak so I blamed it on the Accutane (which was years ago).

I've had anemia in the past although at that point, I was eating.

I am a girl and from the very beginning I have had irregular monthly cycles, barely in a year do I have consecutive periods. I've gotten checked, but nothing irregular comes up.

I have strong bodily odors/vaginal discharges (clear/brownish kind) and chronic bad breath, a bitter taste and white tongue.

As of approximately a year and a half, two years ago, I've become aware of digestive problems I am having. I always thought I was one with a strong stomach because I never got nausea/vomiting/stomach cramps or anything of the sort like some people I knew who barfed on a regular basis from things they ate in the morning. Therefore, I never thought I had digestive problems--opinions are now changing...

For a while I've noticed how when I eat in the day, even if minimal, the next morning I still feel the food in my throat as if I hadn't gotten it all the way through my esophagus and as if there is still food in my stomach. This leaves me feeling full throughout the next day and it leaves me in no mood to eat anything the next day. When I go to the bathroom, I do minimal business and I've gone a full day without needing to go at all. Yet, I feel my bowels filled as if I want to go.

Last time I threw up, I believe I was 7 years old! And this afternoon I forced some bile up and it felt really good. It gave me some temporary relief from the feeling of fullness in my esophagus, but it was only temporary. Sometimes I get the feeling that people that throw up more often are less prone to toxicity build up.

Like I mentioned, I'm experiencing a recurrence of acne even in parts where I had never broken out before during my worst cystic acne years pre-Accutane such as my back. My hair is falling again although I am trying to eat a lot, taking supplements and forcing at least 2 liters of water a day--also just started drinking green tea today. I feel tired going to sleep at 11pm and waking at 7am which is my working hours. On days I am not sleepy I feel like closing my eyes throughout the day. I am experiencing a lack of interest in everything and I can't stand to be around people anymore--don't want to talk, don't want to bother. And I'm even having problems with concentration.

I believe my anemia might have been due to my bodies inability to process the necessary nutrients because of digestive problems. I want to try to tackle the most direct problem first--the digestive track (lymphs/esophagus/stomach/intestines and colon) before I try anything for the liver. What is the best approach to start something when your body isn't experienced? I don't want to shock my body. I was thinking about fasting first, weaning myself off solids slowly, infusing more liquids (water, teas), but not totally eliminating solids for a period of a week, then going on an all liquid diet for 15-20 days. I need some sort of shopping list for the liquids to take with all the necessary nutrients--I don't want to end up in the hospital.


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I'm guessing there could be a possibility of candida. If I were you I'd eliminate all refined sugars / carbs immediately.

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I'm guessing there could be a possibility of candida. If I were you I'd eliminate all refined sugars / carbs immediately.

I know that it's VERY popular to attribute anything and everything to candida in this folder and yes, I do think that she may have intestinal yeast infection from some of her description, but you cannot simply tell someone with this many health issues just to stop eating sugar and carbs. That's oversimplifying in the extreme.

No doubt she needs to see her medical doctor, have a full annual exam and a full blood work up. She should provide an in depth medical history and family medical history, including the fact that she was once diagnosed with anemia. She may be anemic again and telling someone to just cut out those sugars and carbs doesn't do a whole helluva lot for anemia.

There seems to be some hormonal issues too. Perhaps her medical doctor will see fit to refer her to a GYN and/or an Endocrinologist. What if there is a family history of Lupus and she doesn't get checked out because everyone on the diet board told her that her problem is refined sugar and carbs?

But the hormone imbalances, anemia and anemoria may all be interconnected. From the sound of her diet, no doubt she needs to eat much healthier but I'd rather her talk to her doctor and a nutrition expert for her medical issues, rather than relying on the advice on this folder.

Tired of this Shish, sweety, do not eat any weird or extreme diets, overdose on supplements or anything else like that. You need to see your medical doctor. The brownish discharge and irregular periods are probably related, as well as your anemia like symptoms. It's not that you necessarily need to see a half dozen specialists like a GYN, an Endo, a GI or whatever, if you do have a really good doctor. But if you do have to, then so be it. It's possible that all these things are tied in to a poor diet but this board is most definitely not the best place to get good dietary advice. And this board is most definitely not the best place to get good medical advice. Talk to your doctor as soon as you can.

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Guest tired of this shish

There seems to be some hormonal issues too.

Yes, definitely THAT is one possibilty not far from the extreme.

I'm going to see a doctor about it definitely. The one I have keeps dismissing things because bloodwork never shows anything unusual. I think pelvic exams are more than due.

I mean, in the end, this is all to save my face, but I can't do that unless I am healthy from within--and I seriously need a tune up in the way I eat. The problem could lie in not what I eat, but what I am NOT eating. I don't want to fall into all the fads that loom up around these boards, but I hate the fact that when I have explained my symptoms in the past to my doctors (2 different ones) all they do is prescribe you meds that just cover up the surface symptoms, but don't treat the root problem. This is what leads me to self-treat my own problems. Aside from the cost of seeing doctors. It's the same "I hate my derm" situation around these boards.

My biggest problem here, in my opinion since I'm no doctor, is in the way I am processing what I eat. Yes, it's true that I wasn't leading a healthy lifestyle in the past, not because of junk I ate, but because of lack of eating in general. I've grown past that and realized what was happening to me so now I'm forcing more eating although I am not hungry. I can't remember the last time I had a craving or felt hungry or took pleasure in something I ate because everything I eat seems to settle in my stomach and digest too slowly. Now, it feels as if I'm eating because I HAVE to eat. Aside from the hormonal symptoms, there could be something in my digestive also contributing to my acne, but periodic cleansing from general knowledge can do people good and not just for acne, but for overall health too. I just want to make sure that if I undergo something like that, I am getting smart advice--this is something I will definitely have to confide with a professional instead of asking around on these boards.

15-20 day liquid fasting sounded irregular to me, almost suicidal--until I began reading that some people are actually doing this with good results and from articles I've read in the past, seems to be a normal concensus--don't know if those readings are reliable, however.

Thanks for the care Susan....

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Susan, I know it was oversimplified, incomplete advice but I was in a hurry. However, cutting out carbs and sugars sure as hell can't hurt, but obviously there's a whole plethora of other things that need to be done to remedy the situation.

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This comes from a holistic point of view. Those symptoms sound awfully lot like your liver is in a very bad shape. Check here for some symptoms associated with liver dysfunction:


Also your digestive system seems to be badly blocked up. It seems that whatever food you eat takes ages to go through - so to say. I'm guessing that even that which goes through doesn't get absorbed properly. So it putrefies.

Really the first thing you should do is to clean your digestive track. Since eating seems to cause some discomfort in you I'd recommend going for a fast (or semi-fast where you eat some fruits for example) also. Blesshed Herbs has an excellent kit for that purpose. I'd take that. That would help both your colon and liver.

Regarding your nutrient needs. I wouldn't be too concerned about that if you are only doing a short fast (3 to 7 days). Consider this, most likely whatever you would be eating would not be absorbed as it doesn't get digested properly. So not eating anything solid wouldn't make much of a difference to your current state in terms of nutrition. My guess is that you are lacking digestive enzymes also.

If your case I'd do a proper colon cleanse (combined with a fast or semi-fast). After that I'd see if the symptoms of liver dysfunction are still present.

Hope this helps.

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I think its important to find out what sort of oil your mum is cooking your food ,as this can be harmful in long run,people dont concentrate much on this.Accutane as far as i know does make your hair fall but it is temporary only till the time the dose your on,so i dont think your losing your hair now is cause of that.Your problem seems more hormonal,best is to have a healthy diet with lots of juices and nothing oily as the oil comes straight into your face.There are lors of chinese herbal medicines which cleanses your system ,youll have to go to the pharmacy and have a look for that those.they'rereally good - 2 week program and you need to put in a couple spoon of those medicine in your water intake.

2 litres is not enough,our body loses 1.5 litres through out the day anyway & if you ahve tea cofee or any sugary drinks it doesnt help that either, so we must fill in with 1.5 litres more,the ideal is 3 litres of water every day and its really not tough ,just dirnk 2 glasses when you wake up, 2 before your lunch ,2 at around 6-7 ,and 2 glasses before you sleep that will make it 3 litres and make this a habbit.

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I'm not sure if you guys read her post correctly. She's not currently taking accutane -- she took it 5 years ago. Her hair falling out is completely unrelated to accutane, therefore.

She's not living at home so what ever oil her mom is cooking with is a non-issue. She's at college, away from home.

She's not eating properly.

She has a loss of appetite.

She's experiencing acid reflux and nausia.

She's experiencing constipation.

She has a history of anemia.

She has a history of anemoria and irregular menstral cycles.

She's tired and lethargic, lacking energy to do anything.

There is more to this than simply candida. If candida IS an underlying cause, there are many other medical issues that need to be addressed in addition to the candida.

What's important to understand here is that there may be a much more serious cause for her symptoms and you guys are not helping her with the radical anti-candida rhetoric.

This board is really much more like a support group than anything. It's certainly not a place to seek out proper medical advice.

I ask all of you to recognize your limitations to this end and also recognize the limitations of candida being the root of all evil.


Please quit giving out medical advice, especially regarding something you clearly have no understanding of.

Please quite telling her the answer to her problems is a fast and colon cleanses. These may make her symptoms worse or exasberate her medical problems.

She needs to seek proper medical advice, which includes proper nutritional advice, from her doctor.

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Honey, if I were you, I would try to see a Naturopathic dr. Susan is right, none of us should be trying to diagnose you.

However, you are right that the first thing you should address is the fact that your bowels are in bad shape and not moving. There are a few things you can do that will not cause any harm at all, and could possibly be very helpful.

Diet is important. Try to not eat any processed food and eat lots of steamed vegetables dressed with a good oil. If you can make your own meat broths, definitely do as that can help you get many of the nutrients you need. The kindest diet, IMO, would be veggies, eggs, meat (esp because of the anemia), and maybe some well-cooked brown rice. Cook it in extra water and cook it a long time, so it's nice and mushy and easily digestible. Eat plenty of GOOD oils, like olive, flax, coconut, and butter. If you're feeling weak and you're anemic, I think a simple diet is a better idea than fasting. I would take digestive enzymes with every meal.

To get your bowels moving, try taking triphala (available in capsules at health food stores). It's an extremely gentle laxative (it's just fruit) and is non-habit-forming. Another thing that could help immensely is flaxseed tea. Buy some flax seeds and simply boil a small handful of them in a saucepan of water for at least 15 minutes. Strain and drink as a tea. It is sort of "slimy", but that's what's good about it. It helps slither stuff through your intestines. Do the triphala and tea every day, keep well hydrated and see if that helps.

Good luck to you.

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Tired of this shish,

First of all, you did notmake a mistake coming to this board and asking for advice. Many of us have gone the doctor route and as such, we are quite experienced in the types of doctors one would possibly need to see in order to get a proper diagnosis.

Furthermore, there are an increasing number of us, including myself, that are studying to become nutritionists, chemists, biologists, or medical doctors OR already have our degrees and are currently practicing as nutritionists, medical doctors, etc. This board may be about diet and holistic health but that does not mean that everyone here believes solely in the power of licensened naturopathic physicians. We all know that there are times when an allopathic doctor is needed and at least from my mouth, you won't hear me suggesting anyone not to go see one! ;)

That being said, on top of the list that Susan posted, you also have the following symptoms:

Chronic Acne (how many years?)

Oligomenorrhea (highly irregular menstrual cycle)

Digestive problems (past 2 years?)

Discolored vaginal discharge

Body Order

Bad Breath

White Coating on Tongue

Anemia (what type?)



Poor concentration

Only a doctor, probably a specialist, can properly diagnose you, but it may do you some good if you go in having some knowledge of possible disorders you may have. They seem to treat you with more respect, at least the good ones, if you are educated about yourself and are willing to learn about what you may have (which they'll test for).

So, based on what I've read, I wondered if your hormonal disorder could also lead to your body order and bad breath as I've heard some women with PCOS discussing at least the body order part. Other men/women with Insulin Resistance have also mentioned that upon changing their diets or taking medications, that they sweat less and that their body order has also disappeared! When I did a search I came up with Halitosis:

Halitosis or bad breath

Halitosis (bad breath) is, in the main, caused by sulphur-producing bacteria that normally live within the surface of the tongue and in the throat. Sometimes, these bacteria start to break down proteins at a very high rate and odorous volatile sulphur compounds (VSC) are released from the back of the tongue and throat. Halitosis is not infectious.

Causes of halitosis

Major causes

The major causes of halitosis are:

Dry mouth - caused by medicines, alcohol, stress or a medical condition.

Foods high in protein, sugar or acid.

Smoking - which starves the mouth of oxygen.

Dental factors - such as periodontitis (infection around the teeth) or poor oral hygiene.

Nasal and sinus infections.

Less common causes

Less common causes of halitosis include:

Acid and bile reflux from the stomach.

Post nasal discharge - for example, due to chronic sinusitis.

Hormonal factors - such as menstrual cycle or pregnancy.

Foods - such as onions, garlic or cauliflower, which induce certain odours. However, these effects are only short lived.


The features of halitosis can include:

** A white coating on the tongue**

Dry mouth and teeth

Post nasal drip, or mucous

Morning bad breath and a burning tongue

**Thick saliva and a constant need to clear your throat**

**Constant sour, bitter metallic taste.** http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/bhcv2/b...bad_breath?Open

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