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Any recommendation on plastic surgeons in San Francisco that can reduce/removal acne pitted scars?

I made the mistake of using Dr Chris Zachary at UCSF fro 3 scars. I would not recommend him.

I am traveling all the way to Stockton from East Bay for Fraxel to get a lower price. I know Coolbreeze had a most positive result from a Doc in Fremont/South Bay with dermal grafts from behind ear and is using another doc in South Bay for Fraxel.

If you need punch incisions, I suggest a PS. If you need punch grafts or floats, or a resurfacing, I would go with Cosmetic dermatologic surgeon.

Sorry, there is no easy answer and I don't have any strong recommendations.

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Whatever you do don't see Dr. James Romano in San Francisco. A complete huckster. He has no knowledge of or ability with treating acne scarring.


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Dr. James Romano is the ultimate sleaze doctor. And I have seen lots of Dr.s in my day about my scarring.

He is all fake concern, second rate charm and false warmth. He looks and sounds like a pro and has a big prosperous practice. Diplomas up the ying yang and litature strewn around his offices singing his praises.

And he has not an iota of knowledge about acne scarring. Any Dick, Jane or Harry perusing these boards for a few days has more knowledge compared to him as to what works and doesn't work for acne scarring.

His fees are outrageous. He will insist before anything is started you start the expensive and damaging Obagi program. This entails buying tons of products for 18 months and paying for check-up visit after visit. All to zero avail for your scarring. Then he might inject you with a useless filler that comes out in a month, and inject the wrong area. Then he might suggest TCA Cross and leave tomato red marks on your face for near three years.

Then when you voice your concern he will fake empathy and says he knows best.

The man is the equivalent of a mideval doctor who bled patients, hastening the patients illness.

Avoid this "Doctor". James

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Wow! He makes the incompetent Dr Zachary look like a Saint. Zachary told me my scars did not warrant the risk of resurfacing with Erbium. So, he showed some integrity despite his poor surgical skill.

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