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using a scrub to apply cleansers?

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ive been using sponges or face scrubs to apply cleaners( was using SA but am trying out the neutrogena w/BP) on my face...when i was using SA it helped decrease my acne alot but with BP i dont know if i should since it a different type of cleanser...any ideas? the reason i switched to a BP cleanser bc im 90% clear but ive been trying to get 100% clear for a long time and the cleansers ive tried havent got me that far.

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Why not use both? I use Clean & Clear blackhead scrub (I don't have blackheads I use it for acne) which has SA followed by an BP face wash. This has helped reduce my breakouts quite a bit. I got the idea from someone else's regimen on this board which was successful for quite a few people. Only difference is I replaced the Clean & Clear BP cleanser in his regimen with Oxy since it had petroleum and mineral oil, all pore-clogging ingredients.

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I didn't understand your post--how is a face scrub a method to apply cleansers? A face scrub generally is a kind of cleanser.

In all my years of experimentation, not once have I found a cleanser that has helped my acne. Not scrubs, not BP wash, not SA wash, not foam wash, not antibacterial wash, nothing. The only thing that has made a significant difference is benzoyl peroxide applied all over the face. Even face washes with BP in them have not helped, it really seems like it needs to be left on the face all day to be effective. Instead of playing with cleansers, I would settle on a nonmedicated gentle cleanser and get on Dan's regimen. It takes longer than just washing your face, but it's also far more effective at clearing up your acne.

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