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Hello everyone. I'm getting fed up with having acne and hoping that the regime I'm about to try will work. First here's my background story. I'm 22 male, throughout my teenage years I didn't have bad acne. The occasional zit here or there, mainly the area underneath my mouth. I had alot of whiteheads and I did pick and pop them alot. I used neutrogena oil free acne wash with salicylic acid and some cheap no name moisturizer which I'm sure was comedogenic. It seemed to work well for me. Then in September 2002 (18 years old) I started getting more zits. I did alot of popping which just made my skin look worse. I got tired of this and tried Benzoyl Peroxide 10% and Cetaphil moisturizer from Jan 2003-July 2003. It didn't work great but it was better then before, but it absolutley killed my skin so I switched back to Salicylic acid and cetaphil moisturizer from July 2003-Dec 2004. Somewhere during this time I stopped using Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash and switched to Clearasil 3in1. It said use 3 times a day so I did, which probably killed my skin. Also during this time my skin started to really sting by the end of the work day. So anyways in Dec 2004 I decided I might need a new moisturizer, so I tried some Lubriderm, which was probably really bad since it wasn't non-comedogenic. I still got zits and my skin still kind of hurt by the end of the day. So I pretty much continued with Clearasil 3in1 and Lubriderm Moisturizer from Dec 2004-Sept 2005 (stopped the 3 a day washes with SA in January, just 2 times with SA and once with water after work) Then in September 2005 I decided to try Spectro Jel, it worked alright for a few weeks but then about mid October I started getting more zits again. So about the beginning of November I tried washing with Spectro Jel, spot treating with Neutrogena BP Spot treatment and moisturize with Neutrogena Moisture for Sensitive Skin. It didn't really work so I switched back to the Clearasil 3in1 about the beginning of December. Throughout Dec I washed twice a day with the clearasil and moisturized in the morning with the neutrogena. Then with about a week left in December I started moisturizing at night as well. It worked pretty well from Jan. 2006-March 2006 then I started getting bigger zits again. Plus my face still hurt. Anyways a few weeks ago I stopped using the Clearasil and tried some other things but they didnt work. So now I'm thinking of trying Spectro Derm (because of my stinging skin) morning and night, moisturize with the Neutrogena or Complex 15 (Just bought the Complex 15) morning and night, and maybe 2-3 times a week wash with Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentel Scrub at night. I just really want my skin to stop feeling like its stinging all the time, plus it would be nice to not get big zits. As of right now I only really get zits underneath my mouth, I have alot of whiteheads, and my skin really stings by the end of the day. What do you guys think of this possible regime?

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Oh yes my zits usually show up at the end of the work day when my face is really stinging or the morning after I shave (I shave at night). This leads me to believe that I may get zits because my skin is aggravated.

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