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How do peels help scars?

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I understand how a deeper peel would get rid of the entire layer of skin where the scars are but what about light and medium peels? If the goal is to even up the surfaces of the skin that are uneven, wouldn't peels simply peel evenly all over so that you end up with what you started with?

The reason I ask is that I'm trying out a series of peels for my shallow scars and rough skin texture. I've only had one done so far (it's the Vitalize peel which incorporates Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Retinoic Acid-I'm not sure at what percentages) and didn't see one single difference from my first peel. I just feel like I'm throwing money away since I'm getting it done at a dermatologist office by the aesthetician who works there. I don't want to stop too early if results could come after a few peels but should I be seeing improvements with each peel? I know this is a question for the aesthetician but I feel like I can get a more honest answer here.

Thanks for reading!

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I've done many light peels and didn't see much improvements either. I think it is because it doesn't go deep enough. I think it still helps but takes longer. I would go for Medium peels. Strong peels can cause more scars and red marks. I think you just need to be patient. It takes time for you new skin/ collagen to grow. I think the peel is suppose to kill your scar tissue and then allow your body to grow new layers of skin underneath so it will become more even with your normal skin. Also make sure not to peel the dead skin off until it is ready to come off. I've done that several times and had cause more scarring. After your peel, it helps to apply good skin cream and not to irritate it. I think Copper Peptide helps. I originally ordered CP serum and Exfol Cream but i find it too irritating, I use the P&R day cream sample.

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