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Hi everyone, I just started low dose accutane and am experiencing an initial breakout.

The pimples are small, and my skin is dry overall so I'm looking for the gentlest possible treatment. I was thinking Neutrogena's Rapid Clear Lotion- has anyone used this to help clear out clogged pores? Also, if you have any other suggesstions, please feel free to post them. Thanks!

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If I were you, I would not use or do anything for these minor cosmetics 'flaws' until you are off of the medicine and/or talk with your physician about what's okay to use while on accutane. When I was on accutane two years ago, I made the mistake of using medicated facial cloths to help get all the pimple crust off. Unfortunately, this product caused inflammation and left me with unsightly scarring that probably would not have been there if I would have just 'left the pimples alone and let accutane do its thing.' You should try and avoid irritation at all costs while on the medicine -- this will ensure scar-free healing.

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Clinch your teeth and bare it son. It's hard but many of us had to do it. Make sure you are washing your face twice a day and moisturize if you are dry. Don't use any BP or anything just take it as it is. The IB will last for 2 weeks or so but maybe longer. Try to keep a cool head about it and treat yourself well.

It's hard, but you can DO IT!

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