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Acc. Poor Absorption


I no longer take accutane, but my sister is about a month and a half in on 40mg a day, and is noticing what she (and I) think is poor absorption, its not really kicking in.

I noticed the same problem when I was taking accutane at first, but saw huge improvements (more dryness!) once I started taking the medication with a full glass of 2% milk.

The deal with my sister...is that she is lactose intolerant, she gets crazy hives on her face if she drinks anything more than half a glass of milk.

My question is, does soy milk/lactose-free milk aid in absorption as well? Does it have the same kinds of fat that help in absorption? or are all fats good for absorption.

In my stint on accutane, I was eating high fat meals at first, before starting the milk, and still had poor absorption.

Danke schoen.

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May sound silly but the closest form of a high fat liquid such as milk you will get is ice cream. It is classed as a fairly fatty food and obviously melts when you eat it. Not sure whether ice cream contains the lactose harmful to your sister though.

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Guest FearlessBunnyLove

You don't have to take it with a high fat liquid, you can take it with a high fat meal and water. An omega 3 would help too.

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