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Stievamycin/Clindoxyl/Minocycline Regimen Log

Ok so I went and saw a derm and he took me off Dan's Regimen. He used his magnifying glass on my face (something I never thought to use) and said I had a lot of white heads, I couldn't really see what he was talking about I figured there was just some small stuff there no sweat until Day3 of the new regimen...

Day 1: Everything is cool and the same the way it is. Applying the Gels at night as well as popping the minocycline.

Day 2: Forehead looks a little worse but nothing noticeable, same with cheeks and beside nose. Slightly itchy but nothing too bothersome, everything seems as though its like Dan's Regimen.

Day 3: Just washed my face.....My forehead looks like absolute sh|T. I never knew i had so many whiteheads on my forehead, my derm was right. It is my understanding that the stievamycin makes the whiteheads look like they are pushing outwards initially. It then gets rid of those and prevents new ones from appearing (am I correct?). Personally I think it looks disgusting (I am praying it is gone by grad in June) if this is what I have to endure for a week or so (hoping) I will. My face is also itchy and it is bothersome... not to mention it seems to get oily more frequently now.

BTW all of the stuff my Derm gave me came to $170. It is all covered by health plan though :D

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