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i know this topic has been uttered to death but i usually pass over it as i have a good nightly routine with benzamycin gel...but the only way for me to effectively apply it is to have a shower, which is good anyways as it helps to steam and clean my skin and relax me. i COULD wash my face in the sink but i have OCD problems and usually make a huge mess so its not a good idea.

so heres the thing. i'm getting a tattoo tomorrow on my back, my left shoulder (no acne on back, just occasional on face)

anyways i have a couple of little pimples i'd like to zap. whats the best, baddest zit zapper out there for overnight treatment that will kill these suckers??? normaderm vichy anti-imperfection concentrate for locatlized breakouts came recommended and i've used it a few times but really it doesn't seem like anything too special. it doesn't burn or anything and feels too much like a moisturizer actually. and besides the ones i use it on weren't even pink.

its not a big deal but i just want to keep up a good regimen and need a zit zapper. they're not cysts or anything, very small but i want to make sure they STAY that way. and theres no way i'm having a shower the night after i spend 3 hours getting a very painful (but worth it i'm sure) tattoo.


p.s please do not mention asprin mask or retinols as these do not work for me, i'm looking for over the counter as i can't do any injections this week

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just two little ones on my face. i don't get body acne at all oddly enough, when i break out its my face BUT that being said when you get a tattoo you have to reduce the amount of times to shower so as not to irritate the wound for 2 weeks which means i can't do my nightly regimen so i have to find a good zit zapper for the days i can't use my benzamycin

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Get CVS brand bp in the white box with yellow and pink labeling on it. It's the best! I was told by a doctor to buy for my face. It's cheap too. Most people wouldn't get it because they think a cvs brand can't do nothing for their face but trust me it can. They use to make cleanser that was really good for the face but they don't anymore. :cry: Oh well just get the stuff from cvs and rub on your pimples and they go away.

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