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well this is going to be my second round of accutane, last time weighed 100lbs and took 40mg one day and 2 40mg the next and alternated between the two. i got good results but after like a while the results started to fade and i used store cleansers and stuff then went back to the derm and tried other meds, but then he was like lets do accutance again so yeah now im taking some off brand stuff with 2 30mg pills a day, which my derm says equals out to the same amount i was taking before.

i need to know names of good moisturizers, cleansers, or like stuff that heals like old pimples or just like cuts or anything on the face, preferably bought at bath n bodyworks or like a drugstore.

also is drinking a bad idea on accutane? is a little eveyweekend too much? how much is too much?

and is there any vitamans w/o vitamin A but w/ all the other vitamins? or just healthy foods that taste good? im hella skinny but have high cholesterol haha.

Oh and like tanning. is being out in the sun like really bad? im really pale and i kinda wanted to get some sun..

well any help or advice is welcome and appreciated!

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Wow you have a lot of questions.. ill do my best :D

moisturizer is Olay complete for sensitive skin spf 15

cleanser is pupose gentle cleanser

heals old pimples or cuts would be neosporin cream

I drink on accutane like 3 times a week (1 drink each night) and i am still alive but i havent gotten my first blood test back.. check my log on tuesday and youll know if its okay lol.

no vitamins but omega 3,6, and 9 are all good.. and fish oil supplements all help with joint pain and cholesterol.

A little bit of tanning would be okay as long as you have at least a spf of 15 on your face esspecially... but there are plenty of self tanners that would work great!

I hope i answered your questions and helped you out! :cool:

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