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Spectro Vanishing Lotion for Sensitive Skin (2.5% BP Lotion)

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I'm currently using Solugel 4% BP gel but I find that it is a drying and thus kicking my oil production into overdrive. Looking for 2.5% BP, I ran into this. I am also aware of Neutrogena On-The-Spot but I have heard that it can leave a cakey white residue when sweating (and I sweat very easily).


Has anyone tried this product? And if you have, does it leave any residue or does it act as if it was a gel (it is a lotion).

Designed for people with acne prone sensitive skin

• contains proven acne medication that penetrates pores, to treat and prevent acne pimples.

• It works by unclogging pores, killing acne bacteria and it helps to maintain your skin's moisture barrier.

• Contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide as the active ingredient.


Acrylates copolymer, carbomer 940, citric acid, diazolidinyl urea, dimethicone, dioctyl sodium sulfossuccinate, disodium EDTA, glycerin, propylene glycol, silica, sodium citrate, sodium hydroxide, water, xanthan gum, other.

Thanks a bunch!

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Personally I didn't like it. I've been using Clindoxyl (5% BP 1% Clindamycin) but figured i was at a point i could use something simpler and easier on my face. So I got the Spectro 2.5% lotion since I love the Spectro cleansers. However, despite being half the BP concentration I found it made my face so much more red and stinging when I wash my face the next morning. Gone back to Clindoxyl which is for some reason so much more agreeable.

I found it does leave a residue but I've read reviews where people says it does not.

I would at least give it a try since it's a good company, but I think their acne line sucks in comparison to their cleansers which are the best!

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I actually used Spectro BP for a long time. I was trying to use it for the regimen. It cleared me up a bit but I could only ever use it once a day because it was way too irritating for me if I used it twice. I also found that it left quite a residue, and would ball up, and it was impossible for me to wear makeup over. I thought I had some sort of sensitivity to BP because I just couldn't use it twice a day and thought I would never be able to do the regimen properly. I just recently purchased Dan's BP and I like it SO much better. It goes on MUCH nicer and doesn't leave any kind of residue. I can also use it twice a day and so am finally able to do the regimen properly....and I am already seeing results. I would recommend Dan's BP instead....although products effect people differently.

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