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My journey to get perscribed accutane

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I've got 2 small cysts on my face now and my acne was mild but it's getting more moderate now and I'm afraid its going to strike full force.

I've had talks with Canadian derms, my family doc sends me on waiting lists, wait 2 months, go see him and he says I can't put you on it.

It hurts my face (acne), I can't look people in the eye, I avoid all situations, I Feel like a piece of shit, and now I'm sick of all that, I'm going to do something.

I need to do something here in Canada or even in the US, my dad says anything to make me feel happier, h'ell pay out of own pocket.

What can I do in Canada or in the US? I live in Canada currently, Thanks guys, I need quick replies.

Also for some extra info, I've tried ALL topicals possible to me and almost all Oral anti biotics, tetra, mino, etc.

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If you go to the US I dont know how your going to take ur monthly blood tests.

And john... your face is getting worse because youve been doing so many treatments. I remember you used to do crazy peels a while ago. Who knows what youve been doing in the mean time. Your acne i remember used to be extremely mild.

Your a perfect examle of a person who fucks themselves over by using too many products.

And your acne is still only moderate.

Just take it easy on your face for thenext 2 monthes and if it doesnt clear up than you have your appointment ready.

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Dude, I went through the same deal as you. (I live in Canada)

I wanted to go on accutane after trying minocycline, but my current dermatologist said, "Sorry! Booking for 3 months out!" and my family MD said it was the same everywhere and that I'd just have to wait.

So, I went to see my father's MD...this guy was great! I changed my story a little, made it a little more CLEAR how much going on accutane meant for me, so he did a little sweet talking to another local dermatologist's secretary...."my patient really needs to get in ASAP, he's on a tight schedule, etc, have any cancellations?"

I got squeezed into an appointment THAT DAY at 2pm...3 months my ass.

This dermatologist was like...yeah, usually reserve accutane for more severe cases than yours....so I made my case very clear that I strongly wanted to go on accutane, citing the same things you mentioned...embarassed going in public, just wanting to stay indoors, very scared about scarring etc. made him see it my way, and it worked.

I think you just have to be very confident and clear in getting across your desired message to the dermatologist, and he will see things your way...

Sitting in his office and just saying, "should I go on accutane?" is not the way to go, if you have a borderline case...you have to tell him "I would like to go on accutane for reasons x,y, and z, this is really causing me so much trouble". Be active versus passive.


And oh yeah... I ended up stopping my course after a month and a half and going the natural route...which was so fucking hard/long/expensive...but I don't regret it.

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Living in Canada it is so hard to get into a specialist for anything.... the government just doesn't hire enough doctors. My mom's family doctor thought she had skin cancer on her nose and they still made her wait almost a month to get into a dermatologist. And as it turns out.... yup, it was cancer.

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