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I've been getting alot of little small pustules lately. They're not inflammed and can easily be squeezed out. When I goto work my face is OK and by the time I come back I have lots of them, sometimes none. Is there anything causing this? Maybe it's because my skin is kinda dry and I don't use a moisturiser much?

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I would bet that its an acne cycle. My face did this a little bit too, but my pustles werent easy to pop. I wouldnt worry too much, just stick to reg. and see if it goes away on its own. If it gets really bad or something, I'd vist the derm :-p Dont rely on my medical advice :)


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I have the same problem, if im clear when i go out....few hours later i get these small pustules. If I empty them with a needle...most of the time they disappear. They are however making me very self consciuos. Me thinks folliculitis too...have u figured anything out?

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This sounds like what I got on my jaw line, neck area. I have a pic to show, you can see the rash area around it, and they were little pustules everywhere in that rashey area that ITCHED something fierce.

Syptoms of folliculitis:

Rash (reddened skin area)

Pimples or pustules located around a hair follicle

May crust over

Typically occur on neck axilla, or groin area

May present as genital lesions

Itching skin

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