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Making a healthy pizza

Basically i don't see why vegetarian pizza would be inherently unhealthy provided the cheese was organic, if the base wasn't made out of wheat. My mother often makes pizza bases herself using wheat flour, but would it be possible to use rice flour in its place?

Has anyone tried baking stuff using rice flour?? Maybe it should be soaked overnight to neutralise the phytic acid or something, but would that work when the rice is ground up into flour?

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I actually just made a pizza last night. I used a "bread" recipe from the paleo diet recipes page.

The recipe goes like this:

6 T oil (I used 1/2 melted butter, 1/2 olive oil)

3 eggs

1 cup ground pecan meal (I used Bob's Redmill garbanzo and fava bean flour, but I'm pretty sure any flour would work)

1/4 cup arrowroot

Mix it all together and spead it onto a well-greased baking sheet or glass baking dish, so it's about 1/2 an inch thick. It will be pretty sticky. Bake for 15 min at 325.

For pizza, top with whatever and bake another 10 minutes or so at 425.

Mine tasted a little "bean-y" because of the flour I used, but it wasn't bad. It was soft, but it held up well. Don't expect it to taste like any other pizza crust you've had though.

For a little more traditional pizza crust, you could try the recipe on the back of the Bob's Redmill garbanzo/fava bean flour.

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Oh absolutely possible! In fact I think there's a pizza company in Seattle that makes gluten-free pizzas for those nearby. Anyway, you can buy a pizza mix (which doubles as a bread mix) with or without sugar & dairy in them. One company I'm interested in trying one day (once she eliminates stuff I can't have) is http://www.grandmaferdons.com/ , it's supposed to be good stuff.

http://www.grandmaferdons.com/catalog/prod...products_id=345 (dairy)

https://www.namastefoods.com/shopping/store...n/item_list.cgi (NO sugar or dairy)

http://www.glutenfree.com/glu/showdetl.cfm...ct_ID=104&DID=7 (honey)

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