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Sprouting things

Has anyone here tried sprouting things such as nuts, seeds, grains to make them healthier? What did you do and what were the results?

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As a daughter of a health conscious vegetarian I was raised on beans, nuts, and sprouts as an alternative source of protein. I also consumed meat when I was younger, although I'm a vegetarian now. I grew up eating a complete diet that included lots of fiber, beans, nuts, vegetables, and fruits (as well as wheat, rice, and other grains) that was also low in processed food with little artifical color, flavor, and sweetners. Living that lifestyle I never had an acne problem - till I hit college. I rebelled against my old lifestyle by eating nothing but processed junk, candy, fast and fried foods - and my body paid the price. Lucky for me I was also an athlete so I didn't gain a lot of weight - but I did gain a lot of problems. I started sweating a huge amount, had sleeping problems, felt lethargic - and the worse thing of all was my perfect skin went to hell. It only got worse with time and saw its absolute worse this year (a year after graduation). Over this past year and a half I've made extreme changes in my lifestyle - becoming a vegetarian and returning to the healthy lifestyle I knew as a kid. Overall my mood has improved drastically and I feel better overall. A lot of my changes have been brought upon by environmental and global awareness and a committment to my health and the health of the earth and everything I share it with. As for the acne, alas, it still plagues me - but not as bad as it was a few months ago. However, I struggle severely with the scars of the past few years of abuse on my body. Don't get me wrong though - I do not live a perfectly healthy lifestyle. I drink a few glasses of wine a night and love to eat pizza every now and then and can't really pass up dessert. I just try my best to make good decisions for the environment and economy the majority of the time and let myself endulge when I want. I think I kind of went off on a tangent - sorry. But what I can say it beans, nuts, sprouts = yummmm!!! Things I loves with beans are - hummus (from garbanzo beans and comes in lots of flavors!!!) ... adding black beans to rice or salsas (cook rice - add some organic tomato/red pepper soup and black beans = fabulous!!!) ... pasta y fagoili soup and lots of others!!! Almonds and walnuts are some of the healthiest nuts for you and have tremendous health benefits - just try to watch the preservatives and buy organic. That way you can control what goes into your products. Buy organic nuts and toss with a little olive oil and your favorite seasonings and toast or roast in the oven. Also using nuts with dried fruit makes an excellent trail mix. Just add some granola for fiber and you've got the most perfect snack. Granola bars are easy to make - just make sure if you buy them you buy a brand that doesn't use trans fats an artifical ingredients - it will diminish the nutritional value!!!

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