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At what point can I stop stressing???

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Acne for me is like a never-ending cycle - that is, my life consists of a huge breakout (one or two cysts and maybe 10 giant puss-filled pimples) and when that breakout FINALLY starts to clear up, (right about the time that I get super excited and think that I've finally kicked this whole acne thing), I have another huge breakout even worse than the previous one!!!!

Over the past two weeks, I have miraculously not developed any new acne and have just been focusing on lessening my red marks and scaring. This is the lonest stretch of time where I have not had a huge breakout and am wondering if this is the beginning of the end for me...

My question is: How long have you guys been free of active-acne before you can stop stressing over daily breakouts, if ever? Is it posible to reach a point where I won't fear looking in the mirror?

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what i have found with acne is as you get older the gap from when you have a breakout until your next breakout gets longer. When i was 17 it would only be like a few days between breakouts not giving my skin much time to clear up from the last breakout. Then 18-19 could go a week or 2 without a breakout and the breakout was not as bad as previously. Then now im 20 i can go a month or more wihtout a breakout and the breakouts are only mild and very small usually. I think this is just due to your hormones balancing out more and more as you get older, dont be concerned if your acne goes worse for a while first either because i find mine will go quite bad before going really good must just be the body changing

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