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He I have a peculiar story it will take 5 seconds to tell.

I have been on minocin since feb 22, roughly 3 months, 100 mg once daily. It only began working 2 months in, and it made my skin significantly worse before it had any affect.

On May 4th I started a low dose of accutane (10mg once daily) alongside the minocin under supervision of my derm. I am male 5'10 150-160 lbs. When I started accutane I had been on minocin for approximately 2 months and a bit.

So now it is May 25th and I've been doing accutane and minocin together for two weeks. I'm having great results, all my inflammation is going down and I'm not experiencing any side effects other than mildly chapped lips, but I get chapped lips when I'm not on any medications anyway.

I guess I'm being guardedly optimistic, but I'm not sure if my current clearning is due to minocin continuing to work for me or if accutane, even at the low dose, has something to do with it. In 11 days I'll complete minocin and bump up my dosage of accutane...but I don't know what dosage I should ask for.

I'm willing to go really slowly but I don't know if it's a good idea. I'll have done 10 mg a day for one month, and would be willing to move up to just 20 mg a day before going to 40, 60 or whatever. I don't know if it's risky taking an 8 month course.

Anyone who knows a lot about accutane help me please

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are you crazY?

Don't take a tetracycline antibiotic (like minocycline) and accutane together.

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