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how long have ppl been on Dans regimen?

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Just wondering if once people have cleared up on Dans regimen they have continued to carry on with it?? my acne is pretty bad sometimes so whenever I get clear think im best staying with it.

Im 22 now so im hoping its gonna get better but not looking like getting much better at the moment :doubt:

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I've been on the Regimen for 15 months now!

It works very well and I have no plans of quitting it. It's inexpensive and pretty simple to do, so I'll keep on.

Remember the Regimen is not a cure, it is a treatment program.

and unless you have grown out of acne-prone skin, your acne is likely to come back once you stop the treatment.

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I've been on it since april last year.

I also did it a couple years ago, but I was stupid and stoped doing it. (I don't even remember why!)

Anyway, I will continue with this regimen, maybe stop once a year and see how my skin reacts, if i've grown out of it or something.

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Umm i was on it for basically 4 years with a 4 month gap of trying murad and AcneFree this past september only to find disasterous results.... although I never stay 100% clear I am quite happy with Dan's Regimen and there is not many better alternatives... im sticken withit till i grow out of this shit

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5 months and it worked perfectly from months 2-4 but the last month it just stopped. i think my acnes getting worse altogether and the bp migiht not be strong enough to fight it anymore.

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I keep stopping and starting. I think its good to change your product every month or so. It shocks your body and your skin. I will use dans gel for a while until they start coming back a bit. I will then switch to a product called clean and clear that will zap em, when their gone i will not use any thing but face wash. Then when they return its back to dans gel.


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