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Hiya all,

i've been on diane-35 ED for about 6 months, it hasen't produced any great results but if anything my pimples are smaller, occur less often and more superfical than before. Yet i still get the occasional bright red inflamed zit last for a week then breaks to the surface where it forms a hiddeous red dry scab for a week, then i'm left with the scar which red and very noticable and can last for more than a year. I fact since on diane my pimples seem to be smaller, but more inflamed leaving longer lasting, more noticable scars. I only get a couple of zits every fortnight BUT I'M BUILDING A COLLECTION OF SCARS AND I DUN LIKE IT! I wanna go back to me doc and ask her for something else i can use as well as diane to prevent me from gettin all these little inflamed things that are leaving me with a collection of lasting remineders of themselves all over my face. What do u guys think would be the best thing for this type of acne. My skin is slightly sensitive but not too bad, if someone could give me some advice on what 2 ask d doc for i'd be so greatful, to be honest i trust d opinion of you guys who have gone though it all n trailed this acne shit more than the docs.

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ask her about switching you to either Yasmine or Ortho-Tricyclen. both of them are supposed to work well for acne.

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Hi! Diane-35 can take up to a year for healing acne so i wouldn't necessarily give up on it yet. My derm told me her patients have had the most success with Diane-35 vs. Ortho and Yasmin, etc.

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