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Fraxel for Mixed Race

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HI All,

I was hoping for some advice. I am of mixed race, half chinese and half hispanic to be exact, and I have very mild acne. As a teenager I had a few breakouts that left me with some brown spots as well as some acne scars. My dermatologist recommended that I do the smoothbeam (3-4 treatments) and then to do the Fraxel for a few treatments. I decided not to do the smoothbeam b/c the doctor said that smoothbeam only works on scars that no older than about 5 years old. Since my scars are older than 5 years I decided that maybe I should go straight to fraxel where I might actually see results. Im really scared to get fraxel b/c everyone says that with my skin type and pigmentation that I need to be VERY careful especially with lasers. I wanted to know if anyone out there, of mixed races, has had fraxel and if so, how was your experience from beginning to end? I would appreciate some feedback as soon as possible. Thanks!!!

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Hey there,

There are a few people on the fraxel laser thread that have darker skin types. Myself included. I have only had one fraxel and was given a depigmentation lotion. Other accounts of darker skinned fraxelers have not mentioned any pigmentation problems so far. But yea have a look at that thread. 63 pages but very useful

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