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ME + Toncilitis + penicillin = break out session

So I woke up Saturday morn with a wicked sore throat and finally went to the doc on Tuesday becuase it was so bad. They gave me penicillin and I think it's helping, but I seem to be breaking out more than usual. They also gave me some vicodin that I'm taking. I hate to take all this crap, but my throat hurt sooooooo bad I couldn't even sleep more than 45 minutes.

Back to the acne tip, I stopped doing the liver flushes as it was messing with my natural digestion and was making me feel depressed and what not. I vowed to fast instead remembering that I was not sick for 3 straight years until this winter when I got sick 3 times, not including this time. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with the lack of fasting, liver flushing or poor diet, but whatever it was, I'm not liking it.

Anyway, I'm wondering what you guys think of me taking the entire pencillin dose and what I should do after my bout with all this to get back to my acne fading away, the way it was 2 weeks ago?

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o god, that happend to me a few months back.

i got serious tonselitis so the doctor gave me antibiotics and the morning after using them for one day, i had at least 5 new whiteheads around my chin. i went mental lol after clearing up a great deal before that. :wall:

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I've been totally clear for two months now, but now I've been diagnosed with Pfeiffer's disease: my tonsils are swollen and white, a total mess... And yes, I also suddenly have gotten some acne again..

I think it has to do with your tonsils being important for your immunesystem, and when they fail, your body is more receptive to getting acne or something...

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