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I just started my 3rd month of accutane and my nose has been REALLY dry...it always feels like theres somehting there but its usually a very dry piece of dead skin and every time i blow my nose i see blood. What do u guys use to moisturize ur nose? I havent had an actual nose bleed yet, but ive never had one in my life so thats not a surprise.

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ant, i hear ya! the past 2 months, i feel like I have a hard boogie in my nose every second, and it's really just cuts inside my nose scabbing. so nasty. a couple nights i tried putting neosporin on a qtip up my nose, but, um, didn't work out well. so, i'm basically no help, but you're not alone!

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You really can't make it normal short of discontinuing your treatment. You can make it a bit more comfortable though. Put some Aquaphor or Vaseline on a qtips and use it to swab the interior nasal surfaces.

Warning: the following paragraph is really gross!

If you have a nose full of crusty bloody boogers then get them out of there first. The easiest and most effective way that i found to accomplish this was to snort some warm water up my nose to soften them and stimulate some mucus production, then blow my nose. Sometimes i had to repeat this a couple times before i got it clear. Then the Aquaphor or Vaseline up there morning and night helped a lot.

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