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Face fine at night, but red during the day???????

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My face is fine right before I go to school and at night, but during the day at school, it looks horrible. It's really red and dry looking. I don't understand this, but I did find some Suave Moisturizing Lotion that contains aloe today so I'm going to start using it at night and right before I go to school to see if this helps. This problem is really embarrassing because it makes my face look horrible. If anyone else has some tips for this type of problem, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanx.

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Yep. I looked like a red faced baboons ass the first time I overdid the BP. Not too pretty. To cure: Stop for a few days, until the redness subsides. Start over again, just at night. Use less BP than Dan suggests, then slowly ramp up the dosage. Then start BP in the morning, just a little, then ramp up.

I would suggest using Dan's reccommended "tried and true" moisturizers morning and night, and whenever your skin feels dry in between.

I did it this way, and had very little redness, and now have almost 100% clear skin (two bitty pimples on my chin, a hormone thing for sure), just waiting for scars to go away. I am now up to a fingerful of BP morning and night, and no redness.



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Just an update............

I used the moisturizer a lot yesterday evening. I went to the bathroom at school after first period today and my face was less red than the same time on Monday. Tonight, my skin seems to be doing better and looks a lot softer and healthier than previous nights. I'll update on how my face look tomorrow night.

I stopped all BP usage about 2 or 3 weeks ago to stop the redness and my face is doing better than when I used the BP. I think it dried my face out so bad that it irritated it. I did overuse the BP every night, so maybe the prolonged overusage has seriously torn up my skin. Hopefully this moiturizure will repair it. I also want my face to have a "softer" appearance so this should help out a lot.

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Today, i noticed a big difference. It's like my face changed like this - :oops: lol. It's amazing how having less redness on my face allows me to actually look people in the eye for once instead of shying away from them. I'm hoping the moisturizer continues to repair my skin and make it healthier. I'll update again tomorrow night.

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boomer just what moisturizer exactly are you using? ive been using this Lubriderm SPF 15 lotion, works pretty well, but my face still looks red, i need something that will totally normalize my skin with the BP

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