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Accutane and Alcohol....

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My first post! I always downplayed my Acne as no big deal but I turned 21 a few weeks ago and decided to give Accutane a try as my Acne has shown no signs of improvement in six years. I have tried monocycline(spelling?), and a host of other multiple plural medications, mostly liquid creams that you apply to your face etc. Anyways enough about that, Accutane seems to be going through the rollercoaster of effects that most people expierence i.e I noticed an immidiate improvement in the first 2 weeks and now its my third week and I have had 2 breakouts and my skin is getting pretty damn dry. I digress, my main point and topic of this article is Alcohol. I am going to Las Vegas on June 4 and would like to consume alcohol, I'm not gonna lie and say I plan on only having 4 beers a day. I'm not a gambler and I would like to go to a bar/club and consume alcohol without concern. However, I have read that Alcohol and Accutane don't mix because of the stress put on the liver. Some major Drug sites say nothing of this and others do, pretty much what I want to know is what would happen if I did drink?Would lots of water help? Obviously it might appear on my bi-monthly drug tests, and what happens then, do they take you off the meds or lessen the strength(I am on 80mg a day)? It seems some people say it is ok in moderation, that it gives you the absolute worst hangover of your life :boohoo: , but I dont see and definitive answers. What would happen? Obviously I have no interest in permanently damaging my body, however I am going with my 2 friends of 10 years and would like to enjoy myself to the utmost. Any insight or personal knowledge would help me immensely.

P.S I also read Accutane leaves your system in 9 days(believe I read it on drugs.com) could I stop taking it prior to my trip and then go back on it?

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