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when is the last time you slept on your stomach?

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i miss those days when ur a little kid and u would put ur face on anything! and perfect skin!

yES! i would shove my face into my pillow then whenit got hot i would flip it over to the colder side.

damn i havnt slept on my stomach in 2 years! i havnt slept in class with my forehead or face on my arms in about 2 years.

:( really miss it

anyone else?

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I think that is impossible to not sleep on ur face. You toss and turn all night, and chances are u fall asleep on ur back, wake up on ur back, but at some point in the night, spend some time on ur face.

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u can stil sleep on ya side

jus go down the bet a little so its only ur hair on the pillow an the rest of ur face is in contact with nothin

i do it sometimes :)

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I almost always fall asleep on my stomach...kind of hard for me not to. I'd rather sleep well than let my skin control me. haha.

yea thats a good call i guess.

it just depends on what is more important

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No offence but that's terrible. I doubt sleeping on a reguarly washed pillow will affect your acne just as long as you keep your hair clean.

Please go back to sleeping normally, I really feel for you.

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i may have to learn! i got an industrial peircing on my right ear last saturday so i can't sleep on that side and i'm getting a tattoo on my left shoulder on my back this saturday....i'm running out of non 'ouchy' spots lol

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