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New to CSR...have some questions

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Ok so I'm on my FOURTH month of accutane, and my skin has gotten much worse then when I started it. I'm breaking out all the time now and my face is covered with scars. Even my derm was suprised I hadn't improved yet, but he said I should continue anyway.

I want to try Dan's CSR- I bought the CSR benzoyl peroxide gel and I got it in the mail today. I want to know if any other accutane users have used CSR too and what precautions I should take. I know my skin is sensitive, but so far the dryness hasn't been that bad, and I've been able to control it with lots of moisturizing. I'm just wondering if adding BP gel with make it really bad.....

Any suggestions?

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I think mixing tane and csr is a bad idea as this will seriously overdry your skin. The csr, on average, takes about 2 - 3 months to work, and this will mean you will be at 6 -7 months on tane (dont worry, it will work, took me about 6/7 months to get the full effect of tane when i was on it) and not knowing weather its the csr or not that is causing the acne to go away. Best bet is, stick with the accutane, ride it out, and enjoy the liberation of good skin.

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you really should check with your derm about this. You don't want to do something that would be too harsh right now, as Accutane can make skin very sensitive and fragile.

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