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4 months post-tane update

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Hi to everyone who remembers me from last year.

wow i had a depressing struggle last year, always on these boards posting stuff. did a differin log, posted about prescription medicines, then an accutane log. well i started self-taning in desperatin last October I think now. And I was tane for 4 months, mainly on 40mg, thenmoved to 60mg, then fianlly 80mg last month. Wow the side effects were shit. I finished tane in February 06

Just an update - accutane is amazing, I still have prtty clear managable skin. i am so confident and am living my life to the full. im so happy (perhaps over doing going out though!). im so confidnent and the tane effect is still lasting. i do get small acne, like the tiniest whiteheads someitmes a few in one place, but they are really hard to notice and they seem to go so slowly. i cant remember popping a spot for ages and ages, they just heal.

i still use blistex - yes! however my lips are 10 times beter then on tane, they are not noticeably dry anymore, (as i had real issues with the lips on tane, it was horrible) but i feel they still dry so apply blistex stil twice a day. but oh well, i think that its all part of the tane effect and if i stopped getin dry lips i wud somehow get acne again!lol sure they'll go soon. still using cetaphil however started to use benzol peroxzide when the tiny whiteheads kicked in. but overall wow im so happy and amazed of the effect still very happy. my skin is still sort of how it is on tane, dry managable, but not as bad. do not have greasy skin yet, however my skin wasnt that that greasy to start with.

seems that its all new ppl on the boards now, wonder if anyone remembers me. well its true what they say, people who are successful on tane do not come back with success stories because they cant be bothered and i havnt visited these boards for months, even though i religiously would visit daily. so its true, you only the bad tane stories. hence i am writing my little story if anyone reads it lol.

take care guys, any one who knows me from the boards please respond - abby baby u stil here lol? and all the guys who helped me through. and any questions please respond. all the guys who gave me questions sorry just got them today and theres so manylol! take care guys good luck acnes a bitch (1 thing i learnt is never judge anyone by there skin they cant help it - and do not wonder your eyes on ppls acne ok!)

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hey guy, thanks for the encouraging news, how long did it take for you to see positive effects, i am 3 weeks in and nothing yet and I am soo dry around my mouth and lips. I got some good advise to put moisturizer and most people say it took 3 months to see effects.

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actualy just thinking about it is so weird. the way i just saw results gradually. i think it was like probably after 2-3 months in i was like, wow i think ive stopped breaking out. its so hard to tell, because you break out a lot at first on tane, and it takes a while to recognise and believe that you have actually stopped. my last breakouts were not drastic, but pretty nasty, so my belief in tane was fading. you just have to stick with it, forget about it, in 3 months look in the mirror and see your progress. your scars will fade aswell trust me. as for the side effects goodl uck - cos my lips looked so bad someimtes i cried, and was scared to go out the house. it felt like id swapped acne for fish lips but hey. also weird acne on my arms i got for a while, taking a shit felt weird, and had to apply eucerin daily on the face and around the lips, as well as blistex onthe lips. lol dont mean to scare you, but it isnt easy. but hey you maky not suffer as bad a side effects. so good luck m8! and never give up

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