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yasmin? need ur help people

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well 2morrow im goin 2 see the doc...again! i feel like i have a bloody memebership for that place, im goin to ask about going on the contraceptive pill yasmin, but im in two minds about it, ive not really heard too much about it over here and i was just wondering if any of u's had tried it and what kind of effects it had, good or bad, i need 2 know. I have really oily skin i feel like its an imbalance inside my body that i need 2 sort out, so thats another question, does yasmin work to stop oily skin? i was on mino but it appears to have stopped workin, damn i hate when stuff like that happens it gives u such false hope, and now im depressed again, but i donna wanna rant case i know u guys know what im goin through and im glad this board is here to help us all out!

cheers for any replies


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does dianette make u gain weight? i know that yasmine doesn't, but i went on it for a couple weeks and it made the zits that i had much worse, and made me get swollen zits which i hardly ever get.....and that made me depressed, but now im tryin to find one that will clear me up, and ive heard good things about dianette or diane35 and i was just wondering whats the best to use....or i have heard things about orthocylclin but i haven't had time to get to my doctors yet, and i just ended my period today which means i cant go on another BCP until i have my next period! so if anyone could tell me which one is best and their experience with the pill including side effects and how fast u saw results.....that would be great! thanks so much!

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well i cant really comment much about dianette seeing as i have just started using it, ive only been on it for bout a week and a half and so far no improvement im my skin...i dont think it makes u gain weight, yasmin helps to stop water retention which makes u look bloated so i think thats y most people assosiate it with no weight gain..ne how, if i start gainin weight i'll let u guys know, lol

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i was on yasmin and my body reacted weird,, ( bleed for 2months straight) so i went off it and went on miracette,, which made me too emotional,, now i'm on diane had no weight gain,, although ur boobs get bigger. and the it takes like 2 to 3 months to start working on your skin. hope that helps

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