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I'm new here. I struggled with acne as a teenager and now at 24 I still deal with a little bit of it. As I got older it did get better, so there is some good news for some of you. I thought I would share what I found to really work.

Black Head Treatment:

~1/4 cup boiling water mixed with 1 tsp of Epsom salt and 3 drops of iodine.

~Let mixture cool until it's comfortable to touch

~Saturate in cotton ball and dab on (do after cleansing face)

~Put remainder in bottle

~Use every other day in place of toner


Witch Hazel Toner (can find at CVS near pharmacy in first aid section)

Witch Hazel is a non-drying natural botanical extract that not only cleans and clarifies but also imparts a small amount of beneficial oils to help soothe irritated skin.


I love Cetaphil daily facial cleanser

Zap zits

Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%!


I really like Youthful Essence http://www.youthfulessence.com/about.php . I have really sensitive skin and it's the only one that didn't irritate it at all!!!! It will refine enlarged pores, equalize skin tone, and stimulate circulation.

Heal acne and reduce scar appearance

~Pure vitamin E oil - it should be a brown color, not yellow!

~Put on overnight after ex foliating (after microdermabrasion)

~Rinse skin in morning. Don't use a cleanser or soap!

Shed dry lifeless skin, tighten pores and improve skin texture

~Dissolve 3 aspirin in 1/2 tsp of lemon juice and 1/2 tsp of water

~message gently onto skin in circular motion

~leave on for 10min

~Rinse well with water

~You can do this everyday for problem skin

Body Acne

~Wash daily with Slicylic Acid based cleanser

~Use benzoyl peroxide spot treatment over night

~Be aware that body acne is more stubborn than facial acne and may take longer to clear up.

Fade Red marks from old acne

~ I love Neutrogena Acne Mark fading peel

From the Inside out

~Murad Pure Skin Vitamins! Really helps keep acne at bay!!!! I wouldn't go w/out it!

Make sure to change your pillow sheet every 2 to 3 days!

Also be sure to keep hair away from face when sleeping

I have super sensitive skin and none of the above irritated it!!!!!

I hope this helps :)


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iodine is known for aggravating acne so how does using iodine help?

Because there is only 3 drops of it, and it is so deluded in the Epsom salt and water it doesn't irritate your skin! Epsom salt soothes the skin so it counter acts the iodine but you still get the anti-bacterial affects. It worked for me! After a couple days I didn't have any black heads and it didn't irritate my skin or cause new zits. :)

Another thing that I was going to mention and forgot is make-up. It took me years to figure out a way to cover red marks and zits while not having the make-up break me out while having it feel and look natural! I tried all kinds; the neutrogena kind for acne, clinique's acne make up line. All of them dried out my skin and didn't help clear up anything, plus they gave no coverage.

Here is what I do and it works great!!!!

For foundation, blush/bronzer and finishing powder I use Bare Minerals aka Bare Escentuals. It is 100% pure bareMinerals that are free of preservatives, talc, oil, fragrance and other harmful chemicals. They say you can sleep in it, not that I would though. I get the medium foundation, warmth (blush/bronzer) and Mineral Veil (This stuff is amazing! It totally reduces the appearance of pores!!!!! It's great). It can be kind of expensive but I get it all off e-bay and it's way cheaper that way. Here is their home page: http://www.bareescentuals.com/ They say it covers great but I just think it's ok. So I came up with a solution that works great:

I put the foundation on and then for any red marks or zits that I want to cover better I use covergirl Ultimate finish. I don't use the sponge they provide. Instead I use a little eye shadow applicator and just put it where I need to cover something up. You can get a dozen at walmart for like a buck. I just keep the one I'm using in the container for storage so it's right there when I open the compact. I then put warmth on all over my face (gives me a healthy glow). If any of the marks or zits become visible from putting on warmth, I touch it up with the covergirl stuff and then put on the mineral veil which keeps it all in place. I then have a water bottle near by to squirt some water on my hands and wipe it on my eye brows. I then take a tissue and wipe any make-up off my eye brows. Then I do my eye make up and I'm off. It's simple and once you get it down it takes around 5min. to do. You end up with really good coverage that looks completely natural with no lines and you totally feel like you aren't wearing make-up. The last thing I want is to go out feeling like I have a mask of make-up on. I did that for years and hated it! This allows any freckles I have to show while covering everything else so it looks completely natural.

Well, now you know my secret. I've never told this to anyone except my sister. :) I'll attach a picture of me so you can see how natural it looks :) The first one is a couple years old but it will give you a good idea cause I'm in the sun which shows everything and the second is more recent. :)

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