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Now that it's almost summer...

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Do I really need to be wearing actual sunblock every day?? I'm not planning on laying out or anything crazy, but we have a family vacation planned (pool, beach,golf) - and with the weather getting nicer it's just a matter of fact that I'll be outdoors more often. But sunblock just feels NASTY on my face. I've been on makeup alley looking at product reviews, but I guess I'm unclear about sunscreen vs sunblock, vs makeup/moisturizer with an spf. And if it's waterproof, does it require special remover? Do I need to reapply it throughout the day if I'm just hanging out at the playground? After all the time, energy and expense of having fraxel done, I don't want to do anything dumb.

ps Already bought the floppy hat!

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Get Neutragena Ultrasheer Sunblock. This stuff actually is not greasy at all and keeps your skin from looking oily. It's available in SPF 15,30, 45 and even 55. Fraxel really does expose the skin and you don't want to risk premature aging, sun spots, or even worse, precancerous lesions.

UltraSheer Dry-Touch

I don't recommend amazon by the way, you can find this stuff at you local WalMart.

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The last time I checked I wasn't a vampire.. theres nothing wrong with a little bit of healthy sun exposure.. But hey maybe sunscreen isnt such a bad idea.. Ive got a few freckles that ive never really been that fond of.

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