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Hi all,

Some background:

When I hit 14 I started developing acne, as most teenagers do I guess. Gradually this became worse, to the point where I now have some 'pocketed' scarring on part of my face and my nose. Eventually at the age of about 22-23 (I'm now 23) this acne seems to have grown out a fair bit, but I'm now left with smallish spots on my face visible if I look at it from the side in the light - I can see small bumps.

Occasionally I'll get the odd large one usually on an annoyingly obvious part of my face (my nose, lip or cheek) so it's difficult to hide.

All in all, I would class my acne as light. My face usually had a few red marks and a lot of visible blackheads in my pores which are a bastard to get rid of (any advice?). I'll have a few very small whitehead spots which my girlfriend seems to enjoy popping (correctly) for me, hahaha.

So anyway, decided enough is enough and I ordered the CSR gel a few days ago. I now thought I'd begin to blog my regime, so here it is:

Morning/Afternoon/Whenever I wake up:

Wash face either in hot shower with Clinique for men soap, or in hot/warm water with clinique soap.

Leave for 15 minutes then apply a light amount of Dans CSR gel to affected areas.


Wash face with clinique soap, or just with water.

No CSR gel.

I don't want to overuse the CSR gel as I don't consider my acne 'severe' enough to warrant twice a day use. I also don't want to put my skin through that much, as I think it'll only do more damage than good.

My goal is to either use CSR gel ONCE a day, daily, or once/twice a day every few days.

I don't drink much water, so I'm planning to drink at least 2 litres a day - up to 4 litres if necessary.

My diet is, let's face it, shitty. So I'm also going to try eating a lot healthier (more home cooked foods, as apposed to microwave meals or take outs).

Day 1:

After applying CSR gel I noticed my face had a slight 'coldness' to it, and became occasionally itchy. Don't scratch, just deal with it.

Day 2:

No CSR gel.

Day 3:

Already I *think* I can see a difference in my face. Slightly less red marks, and overall my face has a smoother texture. Bear in mind that my acne wasn't severe to begin with, but I'd always have a collection of small spots which seemed to stay with me like they were life-long friends, haha.

This time I applied CSR to ALL of my face, as a test.

Will keep you posted in a day or so.

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Hi, good luck with the regimen. Are you using a moisturizer? Because even though I have very oily skin I still need moisturizer because bp dries my skin so much. It's a really good idea to use a moisturizer even if you don't have dryness at the beginning, because it's better to prevent it!

Anyhow good luck.

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I'm not using moisturizer yet for 2 reasons. Firstly, the only moisturiser I have feels very greasy and i'm still trying to find a lighter one and secondly because I'm not using BP everyday I was testing to see how my skin reacted.

Day 4:

Last nigiht I put BP on before I went out, and jesus my face really really started to itch in certain areas. The kind of itch you have when you can feel a spot growing, if you get what I mean?

Also, certain parts of my face feel very very tight, particularly my upper lip and chin area - is this normal?

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yes, that can be a normal part of adjusting to benzoyl peroxide.

Do be sure you started out with a tiny bit, and not the full amount.

As for the Clinique soap, I would not use that. Find one of the recommended products, or else a gentle unmedicated cleanser to use.

And even though you aren't planning on using bp twice a day, you can already see that your skin is very tight and getting dry, get an oil-free non-comedogenic moisturizer and your skin will thank you for it. Trust me, I never thought moisturizers necessary, but it makes a huge difference in how your skin feels and looks.

Good luck!!

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Day 9 (I think)

Skin is looking fairly good, I guess. I've had the occasional new spot which I've just gone over with BP and they haven't really developed much. Otherwise my skin looks a lot 'cleaner' and I can see that things are clearing up already. Blackheads seem to be diminishing a little - should they?

Personal stuff:

I'm trying to drink a lot more water, not because I think it'll help my skin but because I feel i'm not drinking enough. My girlfriend decided to leave me, so here's hoping the stress doesn't cause any breakouts :)

I always knew she was a shallow bitch anyway.

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Day 16/17

OK, I looked at my skin in direct sunlight today and was actually impressed. Usually it looks really fucking terrible, blackheads galore, red blotchy marks and eurgh... dread to think. But today it actually looked pretty even colour tone wise. I still have some red 'dot' like marks on my cheeks, but overall it's a LOT LOT better. Everything is more clear, smooth and one tone.

Unfortunately over the last couple of days some fairly large nodules appeared on my nose and upper lip (most annoying places EVER right?) but in general everything is definitely healing well.

So far so good....

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