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what could possibly be worse?!?!?!

SOOO... I just got over a really bad break out and it left red marks all over my blasted face... and then the other day I started to get these really weird bumps on my scalp and what I thought was a really weird zit fill with oil gunk on my face. I woke up this morning covered with these odd bumps... a few on my face, some on my neck, back, stomach, scalp. Sooo...and now I'm starting to itch really bad. I never had chicken pox as a child. I had a test once to see if I was immune and I'm not. So I kept thinking, huh, I need to get the vaccine because I hear chicken pox is REALLLY bad when you get old. Gosh... could I be too late? I hope it doesn't get bad!!! :pray: My skin was just starting to clear up!!! AAAAH!!!! :doh: (sorry, I just wanted to vent. This blasted stuff itches... of course...)

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sounds like chicken pox.....ive had it too....hasnt left a single scar...jus dont itch it or anything..coz if u do its gonna scar dont worry u'll have ur bump free skin back in no time...get it checked though!!

do u have any of the bumps behind ur ears?

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It is no completely covering my face and neck and scalp and chest and is starting to take over my stomach, back etc...uhhggg... Well, by the time I get my mild acne prone skin back I will be extreamly happy. This will make me appreciate the skin I have!!!

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