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Okay Ive been doing some research and had my regimen all wrong.

We all know that bacterial resistance occurs after a while on anti-biotics pretty much because we kill of both teh good and bad bacteria with them. So we must take a


which reestablishes the good bacteria such as flora in our bodies. This is sustains the good bacteria necessary to counter all our other problems and also reduce breakouts after our cycle of antibiotics by maintaining homeostasis.

I didnt event think the word pro-biotic existed but they actually sell it online, or at CVS drugstores. If your skeptical search journals and articles online.

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Careful what you buy. I read that consumerlabs.com (like a consumer reports for pills) found nearly half the brands' bacteria to be dead by the time you take it.

They found that Sedona Labs iFlora actually contains close to what it says it does. Good thing about this is that it's one of the cheaper brands, and it doesn't need refrigeration.

I just started taking iFlora today. I'm hoping it lives up to the hype (better skin, reduce allergies, more energy, among other things).

Probiotics seem to be necessary for anyone that's trying to be healthy. Especially if you've taken antibiotics. Because without a healthy flora, even the healthiest diet wouldn't make it through to your body. And with so many dairy products pasteurized and meats blasted with radiation, the good bacteria is no longer common to our diet.

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i am taking accutane which makes me feel like crap... if i take solaris brand asidophalus or however you spell it.... it makes me feel better... not sure how to explain it.. i feel more rested and energetic...

you can't take them together b/c it will cause diahreah.

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