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making the foundation more liquidy

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that won't break me out right? i have very sensetive skin.

If your moisturiser doesnt break you out, then mixing it with your foundation shouldnt break you out. I do that sometimes if I want to "thin" the foundation so to speak.

Do you know if your new foundation will break you out or not?

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hiii girls

I bought Natural FX water-based foundation.

Active ingredients are, octinoxate 3.4%, octocrylene 2.2%, oxybenzone 0.9%.

I don't know if it will break me out or not, I'll have to see since it's new.

i swear this better not break me out! or i'll cry.

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I've mixed it with water before. Although I was just doing it to get the last bit of stuff out of the bottle, it worked quite well and didn't really have much affect on the makeup, at least no noticable affect. Not much water, though.

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I usually mix two different foundations together if to get the consistency I want.

Wow, I'd be afraid mixing the two would break me out... but yeah, when it's too thick I add moisturizer to the foundation (like T said); it hasn't broken me out to date.

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