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Take care of your hypoglycemia

Thank you to all the people who post on this board. Because I read some posts here linking blood sugar abnormalities to acne I realized what might be going on with my acne... it's probably that I never take care of my hypoglycemia.

All these years, I've been eating whatever I want and suffering the consequences afterwards. I'll go out for breakfast on Saturday and have several cups of coffee and a plate of hash browns and then feel like I had the flu. I wouldn't sleep, I'd stay out late drinking, the alcohol would cause a huge spike in my blood sugar which would cause me to get pizza or "drunk tacos"... it's a vicious cycle.

I figured it didn't matter because the only thing that was happening was that I felt sick. After doing a little more research on the net, I also discovered that not taking care of your hypoglycemia can also cause an eventual hormonal imbalance. And, of course, acne.

I remembered about 5 years ago, there was a period of a couple months where my skin was clear. I'd quit my birth control (Ortho Tri-Cyclen made me break out terribly!) stopped drinking alcohol, having coffee, or eating bread. But I just couldn't keep up with it.

So, for the past week I've been on a very low-glycemic diet. I eat very few carbs and nothing will cause a spike in my blood sugar. I'm taking supplements to help control glucose metabolism as well. So far, it seems to be working.

Here's some of the things I personally cut out of diet:

All sweeteners like sugar, honey, molasses, fructose, corn syrup

Caffeine and coffee. Yes, even decaf, which I read raises cortesone levels.

Alcohol (a big one!!)





sugary fruits and fruit juice

Any candy or sugary, high-carb snacks, of course.

And, sadly... sushi (because of the rice)

Instead I've been eating like this:


Water with a lemon

Oatmeal (not instant) with blueberries and some milk


Almonds, maybe an apple, berries, etc. V-8.


A green salad with salmon, chicken, or beans for protein. For a dressing I'll mix olive oil, garlic, and lemon and pour it on top. Possibly some carrot juice, although I hear it has a high glycemic index.


Cook some piece of meat or fish and have steamed vegetables with it. Maybe some super crunchy whole grain bread (like the kind with nuts and seeds in it you get at the health food store), but I haven't really dared to try much bread. Grapefruit.

I think the only way most people could get around this is to cook at home. I happen to work near a place with a great salad bar so it's easy for me to have lunch like this. I think that the younger you are, the more difficult it would be. This might be near impossible if you're in college.

As for my supplements, this is what I'm taking:

- "Sugar Balance" which has chromium, L-alanine, L-glutamine, and another herb which I forget the name of. Be careful with this one because the guy at the health food store gave me Sugar Balance ULTRA which has an herb in it that actually lowers blood sugar and is for diabetes... the exact opposite of what I needed. I felt sick for two days after I took it.

- Extra chromium. I take a total of about 600 mcg a day.

- NAC (n-acetyl cysteine)

- 2.5 grams of B-5. I'm wary about the high dose, but I think it's actually helping.

- "DIM" (Diindolylmethane) to balance my hormones

- A powdered multivitamin called "All One" with greens in it

- Aloe vera juice

I also periodically take a homeopathic liquid just called "Acne" that I got in the Vitamin Shoppe. I think it has sulphur in it. I like it for less severe breakouts.

I'm seeing results after just one week, and I feel SO much better. I'm even sleeping at night because I cut out caffeine.

I don't think this approach will work for everyone, because different people have acne for different reasons. But I can't imagine that it would hurt. I feel very healthy.

My hypoglycemia is not self-diagnosed, I had a glucose tolerance test. And there's a history of diabetes in my family, so it's in my best interest to do this.

I hope it also cures my acne.

So far, so good. But who knows with these things. It's so frustrating.

This is all trial and error, so let me know if there's something I could be doing better.

Also, does anyone who has blood sugar issues have problems with carrot juice?

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you're taking aloe vera juice right?

what do you think of this one? (same thing i posted under some other topic; i wanna get as many opinions as i can)

i found a brand of aloe vera juice in a small can (product of japan) and got it for almost less than half-of-a-dollar. it tasted great but didnt contain harmful additives. (i'll update this post with the exact list of ingredients when i get another can).

i took one can one day just a week ago while on isotretinoin (generic name of Accutane) plus pharmanex LifePak multivitamins. i didnt notice anything different in my body.

on the second week (just yesterday, to be exact), i took another can of this aloe vera juice when i passed by the store. after a few hours, i took my isotret drug and the skin-hair-and-nail supplement pill i ordered from my derm that same day. when i woke up in the morning, i went to the bathroom to pee and found a layer of what seemed like drops of orange-colored oil or fat, in my urine. later that day i passed white mucus too (in addition to that "oil drops"; this one, a research on the web said, is an effect of aloe vera intake)...

i dont know if this is a good thing or not, especially that im on isotret which does things to sebaceous glands.

has any of you had similar observation?

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I got rid of rice, white rice especially, because it has a high glycmic index. From what I've read, your body treats it like sugar.

I think basmati is the best for you, but still not great.

Answerme: I bought Vitamin Shoppe brand aloe juice. It's a huge bottle and it's CHEAP!

And here's a quick update:

I am doing good, but not great, since I definitely fell off the bandwagon on this diet (er, "lifestyle"). I went out with friends, feeling great because my skin was looking better. This resulting in my drinking vodka and then getting so hungry I scarfed down a protein bar and some pizza. I was tired the next day, so of course I had coffee, and the cycle started again. Four new cysts/nodules in one week.

I made the classic mistake - when you start looking better, you inexplicably stop doing what made you look better!

Now I'm more determined than ever to keep my blood sugar level and stay off the coffee.

Three days ago, I upped my dosage of B5 to 10 grams, to see what will happen. It's probably too soon to tell, but I do think my face is less oily!

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Yesterday, a woman at the gym actually said that I have "healthy looking skin and hair". I was floored.

My suspicion is that it has more to do with the B5 than anything else.

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Well, I discovered something that should have seemed obvious from the get-go. I have two different kinds of acne!

One is hormonal and one is food-related.

The pimply acne on my forehead and around my mouth is gone. My skin itself looks pretty decent.

But my neck and jawline are a mess. It hurts, itches, and is all red and swollen. I've got cysts and nodules like little tiny marbles just below my ear.

So I started taking Yasmin again.

I remember that when I came off Yasmin about a year ago, within two months I noticed that the cysts were coming back. I remember very clearly thinking "Oh, this is different!"

So I've basically cleared up any food allergy and blood sugar related acne, and now I've got to get rid of the hormonal kind.

Hopefully this will finish clearing me up.

Other than that, I feel pretty good and look "okay". I'm definitely losing weight.

I had a couple of beers with friends last week and BAM! -- I immediately got two whiteheads above my mouth.

Of course, when you're dealing with painful cysts that take months to dissipate, whiteheads seem like nothing! You know that you can pop them and they'll clear up within a week. So I wasn't too concerned, just amused that my slipup showed on my face so quickly. And more determined than ever to quit drinking entirely.

And thankfully, you can't see my jawline too well when I brush my hair in front of it :)

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