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My CSR regimen...please critique :)

Well I've been on the regimen for a year and a month now...time flys :P

My regimen began as simply washing with water to avoid irritation followed by Dan's BP Gel. It was very effective but my skin was literally falling off so I had to add a moisturiser. I added Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturiser which was very effective but a little greasy :eh: At first I only applied the BP gel once in the morning as I just didn't have the time to apply at night as most nights I was out drinking. It was fairly effective and for the first time I felt that I was defeating acne :dance: I now apply the BP twice daily, if Im going out in the evening then I'll apply it before I go out then get up earlyish and apply again trying to stay in the 12 hour application zone. Anyhow I now have a set regimen based on the things I found out the hard way such as....Purpose moisturiser turns you orange when combined with BP : :sick:

My current regimen:

Wash with Purpose Cleansing Bar.

Apply Jojoba oil whilst face is still damp (in the morning only).

Get dressed...do hair etc whilst Jojoba oil sinks in, then blot any left over oil off.

Apply CSR gel.

Wait 15 minutes then apply Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturiser.

(In the evening I use Nivea Visage Oil-Free moisturising fluid instead).

The results have been fairly good, but lately I've been experiencing more breakouts than I used to. However my forehead never breaks out anymore and that used to be my main acne prone area :shock: . Its now around the top of my nose on either side, upper cheeks, below my mouth and below my nose. I'm not sure if its that I've grown out of my forehead acne or if there's a variant in my regimen that makes this so. The oil free moisturising fluid does have Witch Hazel and Allantoin in it which may aggravate the skin when used with BP? Also I could do with a good UK moisturiser and cleanser as the shipping is sooo much hassle from the USA! Why can't it all be as easy as the CSR gel? :P

An suggestions or critiques to my regimen will be gladly welcomed..thanks :)

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