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"Honey We're Killing the Kids"

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I'm sort of pissed off at this new TLC show! I think the over all idea is wonderful, getting families to live a more healthy lifestyle, all that crap. If you haven't seen the show they take pictures of children and do an age progression based on the lifestyle/family lifestyle they are living in. I think the science is really interesting but something in the process pisses me off. Whenever the faces of the children are changing as they age they always give the "unhealthy" age progressions acne or some type of skin disorder between the ages of about 13 to 24. I don't know, it bothers me because I feel like the general public is getting this image that we have acne because we eat crappy food and don't get off our butts to do anything! The age progression for the new "healthy" children always show them having spotless skin and that's not right! There may be an acne-diet link, but that is still up in the air as far as I know. I just think it's wrong to make out people that have acne to be unhealthy!

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Guest Grow_To_Overthrow

Although i've not seen the show, i can completely relate to your concerns. I often get frustrated at the social stigma attached to acne, alot of ignorant people simply pass you off as being some filthy, unhealthy individual. I eat so well and exercise regularly, pretty much always have. :)

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I think that show is annoying. They also add funny accessories to the kids pictures...It is good that they're trying to teach better eating habits and such but the show overall sucks IMO.

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I was just watching that show! and I was thinking the same thing about the acne on the kids :(

did you just watch the one with the momma who used to smoke a lot? The whole time I kept thinking how much of a terrible role model for the kids she was!! I was also wondering why nobody commented on the dad's weight loss, which I thought was pretty commendable and noticeable.

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Guest tvirus_outbreak

Those kind of shows are the ones that are brainwashing society. Sometimes I want to shoot the idiots that tell me what's wrong with me and what I have to do to fix it. For example:

"Hey, you're acne is really bad you need to stop eating sweets and eat healthy food."

"Oh yeah you're right..." BANG!!!

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lol that program sucks. its not just the acne thing which annoys me its the way that even if the kid is ugly he ends up looking like tom cruise or whatever when they use the age progrssion thing "this is what you will look like if you change to a healthy lifestyle" bollocks lol. They always get fat if they are unhealthy as well but some people dont get fat no matter what they eat and a lot of people still can be unhealthy and look good. i know some people who drink all the time, eat mcdonalds and stuff and still look good

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