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What credentials/background should a doctor have for performing Fraxel?

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The reason I ask is that I am looking into getting Fraxel at a Laser "spa" called Medspa where they offer various skin treatments (microdermabrasion, Fraxel, etc.). They have a "medically trained staff" plus two doctors on staff. I can't find any information on the two doctors when I search on the web as far as if they have private practices, or if they are dermatologists or plastic surgeons or if they are board certified. I called and asked if the doctors perform the Fraxel (rather than the other medical staff) and they do. I plan on going for a consultation. What should I ask to make sure that this is a good place to get this done? What kind of credentials or experience should a doctor have? Does the Fraxel laser machine make it easy for any doctor to perform Fraxel?

Thanks for any advice you have! I would have posted under the Fraxel thread but my questions can get lost in such a big thread. I read it everyday but haven't come across information regarding doctor's skill level.


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I wonder the same things. After going toa somewhat "famous" doctor for my first go-around, I'm not so sure the doctor's skill level is all that important as long the understand what levels are best for acne scarring. If I need further treatment, I may stay local. In my opinion, the most important things to know are whether they have the cooling machine (I love that thing!), and what their game plan is as far as how they will increase the levels and how many passes they do. Also, how many treatments do they recommend? From what I know (and I've quizzed my doc about this), higher levels are better for scar reduction. I've done one at 20, one at 23, and this last was at 24. 8-10 passes is what you are shooting for. Personally, I'd be more comfortable if they've used the laser extensively, but that's hard info to suss out (is "suss" a word?)

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, anyone.

Good luck!

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Thanks for your reply! Probably because I've read so much on here about everyone's Fraxel experiences I will be able to tell if the doctors are knowledgeable or not. I'll ask about the settings but am glad to know that besides the settings, Fraxel probably does most of the work. Right?

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I have same question, but my opinion so far conforms to Chrissy. Mine are being done by nurse. Unless there is a problem, this procedure could be done by a trained high school student. I think the 2 most important factors are expericne/ success in treating scarring and knowing when it is ok to be aggressive.

I am going to a less expensive spa and being treated by nurse. My only complaint is that they are treating me less aggressively than had I started with one of the name docs, so I have to push a little and they have to call the doc to get his ok. My first session was a wasted effort at 15. But, if you are dark skinned you should start lower to test pigment problems.

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