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Thought id give my thoughts at the three month mark. I think my skin has improved but it is nowhere near id like it to be at 3 months. To start with id say my skin was mild with moderate breakouts. Im still getting new spots most days and the red marks are still substansial. Ive got exams at the mo but i dont feel too stressed out and i dont really get why the regimen is not particually working. The only reason i can guess is that my skin when i started in feb was getting progressivly (sp?) worse since finishing accutane for the second time so did csr have to combat not only acne but acne getting worse? Do I just have really stubborn skin?

I think ill give it till four months then if im in the same situation then maybe look at other options, although since accutane and anti biotics didnt work not really sure what those other options are?

Also before you provide the link ive checked biggest mistakes and im on course.

My regimen:

Wash with simple sensitive wash bar

10 min

csr gel, finger for nose and cheeks and 2/3 finger for forehead, temples and chin.

10 min

Eurercin dry skin face cream.

same morning and night although morning i wash face in shower and i try to leave 12 hours (when i can) between the morn and night.

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well i pretty sure its suppose to be one full finger for the whole face so maybe a little too much bp and for the products well how do u like them... i know everyone uses but all skins are different and maybe ur skin doesnt want that... also i don't think u have to wait 10min before applying bp... i not too sure where ur problem so wait for brandy to see this lol... also ur acne might just be really persistant

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sometimes for stubborn acne it can take longer, and since you've done Accutane already and antibiotics, I agree with your plan to give it at least another month.

Your products look fine. The only thing that stands out to me is the fact that you are using too much bp. The correct amount is one full fat finger worth for the entire face.

Also make sure you are being super gentle and not touching your face during the day or picking at all.

And do please look back over the biggest mistakes page one more time, lol, and comment on all of that, I'm sure we can figure out what is going on.


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looking at the mistakes board i think im doing it all right, ill try to cut down the amount of bp, but if you look at the video dan uses a finger's worth just around his mouth.

other than that just going to have to try a month.

also can feel a deep big 'un forming on my chin, havent had one of those for about 2 months.........

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