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Dermabrasion - How deep should it go?

Well guys, I had my dermabrasion done today. It was a follow-up to the removal of two scars, and the whole point of the dermabrasion was to flatten out the area and make the incision lines less pronounced.

As I look at my skin at the moment, I'm left with the big question --- did the doctor press down hard enough?

Seeing as how it was spot dermabrasion, it appears that the doctor just lightly went over the top of the incision line and a bit around the edges. But as I look in the mirror, I can still see where the incision itself was made. The surrounding edges of the skin don't look as if they were dermabraded off enough to make it more level.

Should the dermabrasion process been done to such an extent that everything looks level? Or will the incision line (the most heavily abraded part) somehow raise up as the skin heals?

I'm sort of frustrated, because I expected to see a flat surface, albeit red and irritated from the process. But now I just have a red and irritated surface area, that doesn't look like it has changed at all.


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I had dermabrasion several years ago and it did nothing for my scars. I was so dissapointed because the plastic surgeon really gave me the impression that I would see great improvement. I went back two weeks after the procedure and confronted him. He said that my scars were too deep and if he went that deep it would just cause more scars - but then he tried to get me to have the procedure done again! I asked him why I would do that if it wouldn't work and he just said well you might see some improvement. I never went back but now that I think about it maybe he realized he didn't go deep enough.

I know I haven't answered your question - I think even the doctor doesn't know how deep to go. It's really frustrating because it's so costly and time consuming.

I hope it works for you!

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I still think that the incision lines may be visible after this has healed up completely (judging by the current look) but I am hopeful that the abraded part will heal back to "normal" pinkish skin, rather then typical blue-ish scar tissue look.

That alone would be a big improvement. Even if there was still a bit of a line visible from the incision, just having normal skin tone across the area would camoflague it pretty well.

But heck, its not even been 24 hours since I had this done. I just want to be able to judge my future results really early. I'm still hopeful, but we'll see!

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You may be jumping the gun. When the rest of us had dermabrasion, we were wrapped up like mummies, so it wasn't really possible to scrutinize until about 2 weeks out. The scar has to remodel to heal correctly - you won't know if it's on the right path this soon in the game. If you're worried, call the doctor and explain it to him AND tell him your concerns (and DOCUMENT all of this!) so he knows what's going on every step of the way & it will be incumbent on him to re-do it or whatever should he not have gone deep enough, as you suspect. Meanwhile, STOP STRESSING AND OBSESSING - it doesn't make for happy healing, which is what we all want for you! Good luck!!!!

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