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Nick's Erythromycin Log

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Ok...well i've been to the derm today (11/5/06) as I wanted to get Roaccutane. I'm 16. Well she said I coldn't get Roaccutane becuase I haven't tried two antibiotics from different families :evil: . I was on Minocycline from August 2004-October 2005, it worked for a while but then I became immune to it. And then I was on Oxytetracycline from February 2006-May 2006, which did absolutley nothing. So now it's onto Erythomycyin, which i'm not expecting anything from and i'm really annoyed that i have to go through another course of antibiotics.

I have moderate acne, and lots of red marks. I will put some pictures up as soon as i get a digi cam!


I'm on 250mg Erythromycin twice daily. So that's 1000mg per day, two tablets in morning, two at night.

Just took my first two tablets, which are a nice red color. Acne is ok at the moment, although i have lots of whiteheads around my mouth which are painful and im just recovering from 4 nodules on my forehead.

Obviuosly, lots of red marks on my cheeks where i've had cysts.

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lol you know what i think about your doctor and derm :S why the hell would they give you oxy uuuggh why not just give you erythromycin first instead of making you wait for aaages this is stupid. bah... But ofcourse hope erythromycin works too... :S you should try a topical with it imo, but I dunno what to suggest cos you've tried them all ;s

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aww Nick, I'm sorry :comfort: but maybe it will clear u up! who knowsss?? u just have to wait :D

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how's your skin now?! i started taking this (two pills of 400 mg daily) yesterday....arrrrrg :) minocycline effed up my skin and now i'm onto this one haha

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